Every year has a seasonal arc, and so did 2019, Herbivore’s official Year of Self-Love. In January and February, we planted late-winter seeds of self-love. In the spring, we awakened with cutting-edge skincare and attention to justice. Summer brought play with potions galore, and autumn brought the refining power of exfoliation. Winter brings us to a place of reflection:

Late Winter: Seeds of self-love

  • In January we launched our astrological self-care series, beginning with Aquarius.
  • In February we observed romantic self-love with heart-nourishing rituals.

Spring: Awakening

Summer: (Flower) power

Autumn: Refining

Early Winter: Reflection + Restoration

Join us in 2020 for another magical year that brings about your brightest glow. Thank you to our customers, readers, and fans, and Happy New Year from Herbivore Botanicals!


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