As we reflect upon the year that has ended, we’re tempted by the “New Year, New Me” mantra to satisfy our need for self-improvement with promises to go vegan or join a gym. Granted, there is nothing wrong with vowing to use less plastic, or committing to a detox, but as we list our goals for the new year, we must forgo the idea that our happiness lies elsewhere, within something or someone outside of ourselves. That’s why our resolution for the new year is to continue what we started in 2018 by promising to love ourselves first.

We believe that self-love is a constant and unceasing practice that evolves with time. At Herbivore, our mission is to make self-care part of a larger, meditative ritual—a few moments each morning and night to step away from day-to-day stresses and fully engage with the senses. Reserving a few moments of each day to tend to our being with heart-healing Rose Quartz, or the harmonizing vibrations of the Crystal of Calmness are just a few simple ways we can achieve energetic alignment in the new year. Most importantly, these simple rituals are a beautiful chance for us all to admire our bodies and show them gratitude for delivering us to this time and place.

In 2019, we resolve to show ourselves compassion during times of anxiety and grief; to value our health and take responsibility for ensuring it; and to always remember that our presence is a gift never to be taken for granted. We enter the new year assured in our power to create positive experiences, find pleasure and feel joy. 

In the year ahead, take care of your happiness and share what you learn with others around you. Most of all, remember that love always starts from within.

Happy New Year from your family at Herbivore Botanicals!

Artwork by Xuan Loc Xuan

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