In 2019 we launched BAKUCHIOL Serum, a plant-based retinol alternative serum that helps hydrate skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since its launch, this product has been exceptionally popular with our community of super natural skincare lovers, garnering hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of repeat purchases. 


Our formulation philosophy is rooted in herbalism, a practice that believes in the use of whole plant extracts. For example, we use whole plant extracts like full-spectrum CBD, white willow bark, and tremella mushroom in a variety of our products. BAKUCHIOL Serum is no exception. Instead of bakuchiol isolate, we choose to use the source of bakuchiol, the babchi plant. This whole extract gives the serum a water-based texture that absorbs easily into skin (including oily skin moods!), especially when paired with tremella mushroom. Formulating with babchi was intentional for the best experience with this serum. However, because of the natural variations from lot to lot, we do not make specific claims about the percentage of bakuchiol carried within our serum. 


We are firmly committed to ethical sourcing throughout our entire supply chain. The babchi seed extract we use in BAKUCHIOL Serum is cultivated agriculturally for the purpose of use as a raw material, rather than wild-harvested from vulnerable sources, and certified by our supplier. 


We conducted a four-week blind consumer test utilizing a third-party testing facility. In a blind use test on 106 women, ages 28–35 years old, consumers reported the following results after using BAKUCHIOL Serum twice a day for four weeks: 

  • 91% agree it doesn’t cause visible signs of irritation
  • 85% agree their skin looks smoother
  • 85% agreed dull skin appearance was reduced 
  • 81% agreed overall skin appearance was improved 
  • 78% agree skin was retexturized 

Additionally, the majority of study participants first noticed results within three days of use and experienced improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by the end of the study.

  • We have tested our formula for psoralen content and it was found to be under the 1ppm threshold by the European Commission for naturally occurring psoralens in finished products 
  • Our formula was safety tested using an industry-standard methodology and was not found to cause any signs of irritation or sensitization
  • Our serum was found to be gentle, not causing either visible irritation or sensorial discomfort under normal-use conditions 

We are aware of the claims made by Sytheon, an ingredient supplier, regarding the safety of our serum. We are unable to speak to the legitimacy of the test or its results. Your satisfaction is our top priority and if you’re not happy with your Herbivore purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee or credit within 60 days of purchase.

Have any Qs? Want to give us some feedback? We love receiving suggestions from our community on ways to improve and our inbox is always open. 


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