Retinol products have been used to help clarify the skin, smooth wrinkles, and decrease signs of skin damage for decades. But the benefits of this ingredient do not come without their risks. Irritation, dryness, peeling, and increased risk of sun damage are common complaints raised by those who have used retinol. 

Enter Bakuchiol, the revitalizing retinol-alternative of your dreams. This renewing, daylight-friendly, naturally sourced ingredient and serum by Herbivore revive your skin’s youthful appearance without the possible side effects of retinol. Bakuchiol creates visible results similar to retinol’s, including reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, improved skin texture and tone, and increased youthful dewiness. 

An array of supportive botanical ingredients boost Bakuchiol Serum’s effects and freshen the skin in ways that retinol cannot. Herbivore’s Bakuchiol Serum includes tremella mushroom, an ingredient that bathes the skin in instantly visible plumping hydration. Polyhydroxy acids join babchi in helping to refresh the skin. These ingredients are blended with antioxidant blueberry stem cells and amethyst extract to calm your energetic vibes. 

How is Bakuchiol different from retinol?

  • Bakuchiol reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with ingredients that aren’t as harsh as retinol. 
  • Retinol is a chemical compound that’s synthesized from the breakdown of beta-carotene. It is more chemically processed than an alternative like the babchi plant extract, which is entirely naturally derived. 
  • Bakuchiol Serum is plant-based and formulated with an array of youth-boosting skin foods that provide instant plumping, smoothing, and intense antioxidant nourishment. By contrast, retinol may cause dryness and irritation. 
  • Babchi is metaphysically unique. Herbivore’s Bakuchiol is formulated with energy calming amethyst extract to spotlight the flowers’ rare and beautiful violet hue that harkens to the plant’s potent powers of renewal and crown level vibrations. 

Is Bakuchiol okay to use on dry or sensitive skin?

Bakuchiol isn’t known to encourage reactivity in the skin. Instead, it offers reduced signs of aging and nourishes to protect the skin, bringing about youthful-looking skin with a genuinely gentle formula that reviewers love.

Can I use Bakuchiol with other products like hyaluronic acid?

As everyone’s skin is different, we recommend testing products for compatibility before slowly incorporating them into your routine. Spot-testing new products or combinations in an inconspicuous spot, such as behind your ear or on your forearm, is a good idea. Bakuchiol is a gentle alternative to traditional retinol, so there should be no contraindications when used with hyaluronic acid. 

Retinol is only recommended for nightly use. Can Bakuchiol be used during the day?

Increased sun sensitivity is a known risk when using traditional retinol in skincare, so it is not recommended for use during the day. Bakuchiol doesn’t include this risk and is entirely safe for use during the day or night for twice the plumping power. Don’t forget to apply SPF each day. 


Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum

Photo by Sarah Willcox.

4 replies on “What’s the Difference Between Retinol + Bakuchiol?

  1. I just got the Herbivore Bakuchiol serum and am excited to start using it. How do you recommend incorporating it in one’s skincare routine? I already use a vitamin C serum in the morning (followed by sunscreen), and an AHA serum at night, followed by Herbivore Lapis oil. Where do I fit in the Bakuchiol now? Also, is it safe to use around eyes? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Sabrina! That’s a great question!

      Bakuchiol is a water-based retinol alternative formulated to plump and smooth skin. This formula is gentle enough to be mixed with your vitamin C serum in the daytime. After applying vitamin C, you can go ahead and apply 4-6 drops of Bakuchiol to clean skin, and massage in. Follow up with your Lapis oil and SPF 🙂

      It is also safe to use around the eye area! Typically we recommend mixing a drop of both our Bakuchiol and Phoenix Facial Oil, spread between the pads of your ring finger, and gently dabbed around the eyes.

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