Retinol has long been used in skincare to treat and combat visible signs of damage and aging, but not without risks and side effects. Introducing bakuchiol: the natural retinol alternative ingredient taking the skincare world by storm as of late, revered especially for its powerful effects that don’t include the irritation that retinol is infamous for. 

Bakuchiol is natural, while retinol is synthetic.

Bakuchiol features babchi extract, whereas retinol is a chemical compound that’s synthesized from the breakdown of beta-carotene. Babchi flowers are a beautiful violet hue, harkening to the plant’s high vibes and royally potent powers of renewal. Synthetic retinol is much further removed from its natural source than babchi extract. It’s not recommended to use retinol every day due to the ingredient’s unfortunate side effects.

Bakuchiol isn’t known to irritate, whereas retinol is.

Synthetic retinol is known to cause irritation and dryness, neither of which are helpful in building or maintaining a renewed complexion. Babchi extract doesn’t affect the health of the skin the way a traditional retinol does, yet it still offers the reduced visible evidence of aging sought after by retinol users.

Ditch the dry, irritated skin you get from your retinol and embrace our Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum, which nourishes, plumps, and intensely hydrates without worry of reactive skin.

Bakuchiol is maternity-safe, whereas retinol is not.

The Environmental Working Group ranked retinol a 9 on the scale of safety concern. In fact, retinol ranked ‘high’ on scales of overall toxicity and reproductive and developmental hazard, meaning it’s dangerous to use retinol while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Every ingredient in our Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum is safe and healthy for everyday use during maternity. Amplify your gorgeous glow, worry-free!

Bakuchiol can be used every day, morning and night, wheres retinol is only recommended for nightly application. 

Increased sun sensitivity is a known risk when using traditional retinol in skincare. This is why retinol is only advised for use as part of evening routines. We recommend Bakuchiol for use at any time, day or night.

Swap out retinol for our Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum and leave a comment below letting us know how you like it.

Photo by Sarah Willcox.

4 replies on “What’s the Difference Between Retinol + Bakuchiol?

  1. I just got the Herbivore Bakuchiol serum and am excited to start using it. How do you recommend incorporating it in one’s skincare routine? I already use a vitamin C serum in the morning (followed by sunscreen), and an AHA serum at night, followed by Herbivore Lapis oil. Where do I fit in the Bakuchiol now? Also, is it safe to use around eyes? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Sabrina! That’s a great question!

      Bakuchiol is a water-based retinol alternative formulated to plump and smooth skin. This formula is gentle enough to be mixed with your vitamin C serum in the daytime. After applying vitamin C, you can go ahead and apply 4-6 drops of Bakuchiol to clean skin, and massage in. Follow up with your Lapis oil and SPF 🙂

      It is also safe to use around the eye area! Typically we recommend mixing a drop of both our Bakuchiol and Phoenix Facial Oil, spread between the pads of your ring finger, and gently dabbed around the eyes.

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