Clear Blue Sea is a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in San Diego, California, and is comprised of volunteers and student interns. Famous for their Floating Robot to Eliminate Debris (FRED), Clear Blue Sea is working hard to eliminate plastic pollution from our oceans.

Herbivore is an ambassador brand for Clear Blue Sea. We are proud to encourage our customers to help us in supporting this clever and necessary organization.

FRED is in phase II: prototype phase. The ‘bot is designed to function solely on solar power. It’ll also be sensitive to sentience, with many safety features ensuring the lives of sea creatures are protected. After collecting as much plastic as possible—pieces as small as 10mm and as long as a meter—FRED robots will dock at motherships to unload, and from there, the debris will be responsibly recycled and repurposed.

FRED is a large, unmanned, semi-autonomous ocean-faring robot powered with renewable energy. FRED is designed to clean up harmful floating debris from marine environments such as bays, rivers, and oceans.

FRED has a collection conveyor belt that picks up floating debris and stores it in bins. When the collection bins are filled, FRED goes to the Mothership for offloading collected debris, then it’s right back to garbage duty!

Clear Blue Sea is partnering with sustainable recycling organizations to ensure the plastic is repurposed and does not end up back in the ocean!

To help decrease your contribution to ocean pollution, try making a few simple swaps in your day-to-day shopping and consumption habits. For Herbivore-specific inspiration, peruse our tips for repurposing our jars and containers. These savvy solutions are sure to bring beauty, organization, and usefulness to your lifestyle without causing greater harm to our sacred planet.

Want to lend a hand? Donate to Clear Blue Sea.

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