The season of Taurus falls between April 20th and May 20th, when the sun passes through its cosmic space, casting thematic Taurus energy into overarching cultural spheres. Taurus may alternatively impact other planets in your birth chart or the current skies at any other time of the year. Self-care gets a lift under Taurus influence, as it encourages all beings to discover higher priorities.

Taurus is represented by the bull and the garden rose. Its steady, grounded energy encourages consistency and the enjoyment of simple fineries. You’ll not find Taurus bulls flying off the handle easily, but when they do, it’s very powerful and you’d best be alert.

Taurus is naturally cognisant of responsibility, stepping into managerial and habitual efforts with ease, effectiveness, and grace. Taurus challenges are flexibility and open-mindedness, especially to things that aren’t easily proven through physical evidence. Taurus strengths are compassion, integrity, preparedness, groundedness, appreciation, artistry, grace, intelligence, and practicality.

In relationships, Taurus presents itself as stable and earthed, offering appropriate life-mate energy to nearly all zodiac signs. The same is not always true in reverse, with Taurus preferring top-shelf quality in all areas of life. To snag a Taurus in romance, or to date/partner as a Taurus, you’ll need to live your most authentic life, first and foremost. While Taurus energy thrives in partnership, it also prospers alone. Ethics, quality, and compassion are top Taurus priorities, so avoid cutting corners when in the midst of this energy.

Self-Care Rituals to Pamper the Bull:

  • Smoke Cleansing: Encourage a room (and simultaneously the mind) to clear itself of stale energy while opening to new ideas with a luxurious smoke cleansing ritual. To perform this ritual, simply light an herbal stick and move through space you’d like to energetically cleanse, making sure to allow the smoke to drift into all of the corners and dark spots.
  • Feet on the Ground: Indulge in the transitional weather Taurus season is known for with a barefoot stroll outdoors. Putting bare feet to the ground encourages the body to connect to the earth, and this practice also comes in handy when traveling to new time zones. To perform this spell, wear loose clothing and take a meditative walk while barefoot. Keep bare feet to naked earth for at least twenty minutes. Optionally, gently clutch a smoke cleansing stick to help you stay present in the ritual.
  • Bull Breaths with a Eucalyptus + Amethyst Bath: No matter the season, it’s always bathtime at Herbivore! Taurus season and allergy season come hand-in-hand in the Northern Hemisphere. A long bath with eucalyptus Detox Soaking Salts will help to cleanse the sinuses and awaken the mind. Add Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish to the mix to indulge Taurus’ top-shelf tastes!

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