The new moon arrives at around 9 AM on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 PST. Landing in Taurus, we will collectively bond with the planet in celebration and reverence. This is especially true in the Northern Hemisphere as spring peaks.

A Saturday (ruled by Saturn) new moon indicates an opportunity to align. Like a cosmic chiropractic appointment, this new moon will extract great freedom from subtle shifts.

An earth sign new moon is a prime time to celebrate the planet. Spend as much time outdoors as possible during times such as these, perhaps taking weekends to explore neighboring trails and waterfronts. Don’t hesitate to drop down into lotus pose to enjoy a meditation session when you’ve found a good sitting spot, which will immediately bring you into alignment with nature.

Use this new moon in Taurus to practice grounding, which is the practice of reconnecting to the earth. We are bioelectrical beings inhabiting an electrical planet with a conductive surface. In engineering, electrical energy must be grounded to this conductive surface for safety and functional reasons. The same is necessary for our own electrical energy: our bodies must stay connected to the earth for safety and functional reasons.

Breath, meditation, balancing physical activities (like dance or yoga), and proper nourishment all contribute to proper grounding. It is a good idea to get into the habit of practicing different grounding methods while maneuvering through life in our overstimulated world.

The easiest way to ground your energy is by applying bare feet to bare earth. Conduct any depressed, stale, anxious, stressful or otherwise unnecessary energy back into the earth by taking your shoes off and letting your feet feel the ground in a clean, natural environment. Take deep, cleansing breaths of fresh air and imagine the electrical currents that run throughout your body. Imagine them forming a healthy circuit with the planet.

Taurus is also known for being a top-shelf sign, so feel free to indulge responsibly in something well worth your coin: a fine piece of jewelry, a beautifying facial oil, a vintage bottle of wine, etc. Take this opportunity to really observe what it is that brings you the most pleasurable bang for your buck.Taurus bulls are known for their likelihood to dig in their heels and stay steady. Yield to this energy by taking stock of what hasn’t changed about you or your preferences throughout your life. What interests of yours have stayed with you since long ago? These are things to nurture and celebrate at this new moon in Taurus, an identity-strong astrological sign.

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