Spring is a righteous time of year!

As the weather shifts, it brings with it much-need nourishment and rampant inspiration as botanical buds show their colorful tips. Associated with the metaphysical element of air, the season of spring is linked with mental energy and the collective consciousness. Simultaneously, it is a collective emerging of the Earth’s inhabitants from the darkness of winter. In this way, spring is about waking up the mind, body, and spirit to receive new energy and ideas.

Having laid a foundation for self-care in January and February, the astrological new year (that coincides with spring equinox and the transition from Pisces to Aries) presents the opportunity to recommit to self-love, imbued with the fresh energy of spring. Build an altar aflush with greenery and inspiring art. Breathe in and out and enjoy the peeking sun, emerging blossoms, and aromatic spring fragrances.

It is appropriate that the sun leaves Pisces just as the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the spring season. There is vulnerability to spring’s sweet openings, and there is a similar vulnerability in Pisces’ psychic energy. Like the oceans, Pisces is vast, deep, and connected to everything, and the oceans serve as a reflection of the health of our Earth. Spring is born as the sun moves into Aries, gifting the Northern Hemisphere with fresh vibrancy.

Spring’s dawn is an ideal phase to connect to the universal beat of time and Earth’s sacred potential. The equinox juncture churns depths, carrying the bubbling of deep truths to the surface. Life literally “springs” forth, melting the icy chill of winter to reveal the steady softness of the strongest survivors.

This spring—wake up! Let what needs to fall away with the winter cold do so as your strength renews. Let what lies beneath peek through the darkness to revel in something new.

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