A supermoon in Libra arrives on March 21st, hand-in-hand with the birth of spring and the dawn of Aries season and the astrological new year. A Libra supermoon whispers of abundant beauty, balanced partnerships and a sense of fairness, and its arrival at this time of year is significant. The stars are aligning to auspiciously suggest an elegant and principled zodiac year ahead! 

Gifts of this moon include the following:

  1. Balance: Whether it’s adjusting your schedule to balance work vs. play, getting better sleep, releasing disruptive behaviors, or spending more time in the analog world, this full supermoon in Libra will encourage you to make changes in favor of harmony. Meditate on this subject to download suggestions from the Universe.
  2. Fairness: Judicial Libra energy adds a dose of equalization to the mix. This moon will inspire action geared towards restoring peace and fairness. Brush up on the four waves of feminism to stimulate your research. Now would be a good time to contribute to an activist collective or community effort.
  3. Healthy Partnerships: Libra energy offers medicine to couples by supporting wellbeing, aesthetics, and harmony. Let this moon smooth the wrinkles in your partnerships in love, business, friendship, etc. for a stronger impact together. Work with crystals such as jade and aquamarine to ground your intentions.
  4. Beauty: Venus-ruled Libra energy invites a deep appreciation for beauty. This moon, elevate your self-love routine with beautifying botanical products that are perfect as compliments to lunar moods. Ideas include Orchid Oil, our all-purpose beauty oil that works brilliantly underneath or blended with foundation, or dabbed along the cheekbones for a luminous highlight. Discover your prettiest complexion with Brighten, a mask lush with pineapple enzymes and white tourmaline gemstone. Pink Cloud and Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist pair to fulfill spring skincare dreams.

Ritual Suggestions:

  1. Take a friend to tea, offering a salute to the moon as you clink cups.
  2. Prepare a moonlit bath complete with flower petals for spring and candles for Aries.
  3. Sketch a plan to refresh your potted and planted garden scheme(s).
  4. Pamper your pout with a mini lip treatment. Follow with a makeout session if available.
  5. Indulge in a moonwater beauty facial: Place a bowl of water in the moonlight. Ask the water to collect moon power for a particular desire you are manifesting. Add a few rose petals and leave the bowl in the moon’s rays overnight. Use the water to slash your face in the morning.

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