Whether you’re poised at the bathroom sink, or lounging at a Hollywood-lit vintage vanity furniture set, your primping area is a place of ritual, where you observe and take care of yourself. These acts are simple, enjoyable, and essential to cultivating a rich and fulfilling practice of self-love. 

Observe the following tips and tricks to enhance your self-love practice via healthy vanity:

  • Take the proper time you need for your skincare routine. Happy skin and self-expression can greatly enhance confidence and self-appreciation. When you take the time to enjoy each step of your self-care rituals, you can apply the same care and enjoyment to the rest of your day or night. Using a Rose Quartz Facial Roller or Gua Sha Massage Tool can help to encourage pause and relaxation (not to mention radiant skin) during rituals. 

Tip: After cleansing your skin with warm water, capture that just-washed glow with a spritz of our Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, which now features an ultra-gentle “heavenly mist” pump that delivers a smooth, superlight and even stream of hydration to the complexion! Follow with your favorite Herbivore facial oil, using your facial roller tool to distribute the moisture evenly and efficiently.

  • Speak daily affirmations to yourself in your vanity mirror. Mirrors offer you the opportunity to speak directly to your own face—why not tell yourself what you need to hear? Counteract any harsh inner critical voices with some soothing words that give you the unconditional positive regard you deserve. Examples include: “You are SO naturally beautiful, both inside and out,” “You are a brilliantly creative person,” and “You deserve unconditional love.” Practice this daily to encourage new thought patterns to form in the brain.
  • Surround yourself with magic. Fill your vanity area with positive energy using selected items such as green houseplants, crystals, fresh flowers, and your favorite all-natural skincare and makeup items. Make sure each item in your beauty and skincare routine has a special place. Keep makeup brushes and facial massage tools in chic vintage vases or recycled jars; line up products by hue, forming a rainbow of potions to inspire you, etc. Fill your space with beautiful art, just as self-care maven Lady Krishna prefers to do.
  • Sing into your hairbrush: Musical vocalist or not, mirror time is ideal for practicing your act. If you are a performer, it’s likely you’re already well aware of the practical necessity of mirrors, but if not, you’d do well to get to know your reflection in action. If you’re slated to give a presentation, practice your speech or key phrases while looking yourself bravely in the eyes. Believe it or not, this is will build confidence if you practice.

Have fun with this! Dance in front of your vanity mirror to get to know your moves and body. The more often you engage in this kind of mirror magic with yourself, the more likely you are to enjoy your body. Highlight your cheekbones with Orchid Facial Oil and smooth a layer of Jasmine Body Oil over your curves to get your glow on while you find your flow.

Illustration by Wren McMurdo

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