Virgo is symbolized by the cosmic virgin, thus potential energy abounds when this angelic sign reigns the skies. Virgo is youthful, with a reputation for fastidiousness and a knack for the orderly. Strengths accompanying Virgo energy are organization, problem-solving, truth, and minimalism. Challenges include obsession, acute thinking and negative criticism. Equip yourself with the following skills to thrive when under the influence of Virgo vibes.

  • Sweat. Virgo influence has a reputation for garnering sweeping changes, particularly in the area of health and wellness. Being guided towards one’s own greater good can be jarring, so get in a workout or two to release any stress-related kinks. Any form of exercise that is grounding and nurturing will soothe the Virgo spirit. (Think: yoga, walking, and running.) As a sign that tends toward compulsive task completion, Virgo has a tough time getting started (so many things need to get done first!) but always appreciates the workout during and after for its purifying effects at cellular and mood levels.
  • Calculate. The purity sign is keen on numbers! Let the universal language of mathematics come into play when Virgo energy is high. Work on your budget, pay bills, manifest a new job, ask for a raise at work, etc. This might be a good time to hire an accountant if you work for yourself—or, at least, refresh the books. Giving goals quantitative, measurable results will amplify your manifestation power during this period. Also, keep an eye out for numbers that start to repeat themselves, then delve into the numerology to understand the messages the universe is sending your way. For example, if you’re seeing 2:22 everyday, or a lot of the number 2 in general, you may be playing with duality. Seeing this number might mean that you’re thinking about a relationship or manifesting one. Or, perhaps you’re considering a “dual option” like a second source of income.
  • Study. Channel Virgo energy into what a Virgo does best: hit the books. The most studious of signs, Virgo especially loves to explore history. During Virgo season, as the darkening skies of September (in the Northern Hemisphere) set an overcast mood, dive deep into your story. Take a DNA test to learn more about your ancestry or plan a trip to record your grandmother recalling stories of yesteryear. Virgo season brings an awareness of mental health issues, so you may be faced with an opportunity to break an unhealthy pattern or two as a result of what you uncover.

Illustration by Wren McMurdo.

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