With a long weekend (and back-to-school vibes) looming, we figure a last-minute road trip is in order to celebrate the final days of summer. For those with a travel bug and set of wheels, we’ve compiled this thorough packing list to get you rolling on a short-term domestic road trip. 

Gather the crew, swing by the bulk section for snacks galore, call the baby or animal-sitter, check your vehicle tires, lights, brakes, oil and fluid levels for safety, and get out and about before summer slips into fall!

  1. Paperwork: 
    • Driver’s licenses for drivers (and ID for everyone else in the car)
    • Registration
    • Proof of insurance
    • Manual
    • Roadside assistance card
  2. Car: 
    • Travel compost bin (anything with a sealing lid will do)
    • Hands-free phone mount
    • Car phone charger
    • Downloaded music, mixed cassettes, CD, books on tape, etc. (music/entertainment that doesn’t require an internet connection)
  3. Emergency:
    • Waterproof flashlight (with fully charged batteries)
    • Spare tire
    • Jack and tire iron
    • First aid kit
    • Spare car key on a separate key chain
    • Paper map in case devices fail
    • Emergency snacks 
    • Water jug
    • Cash
  4. Food 
    • Preferred snacks and drinks
    • Cooler
    • Ice, if necessary 
    • Corkscrew
    • Can opener
    • Food storage containers
    • Travel utensils
    • Handkerchiefs (double as napkins and to-go “packaging”)
    • Reusable tote/shopping bag
  5. Hygiene: 
  6. Comfort: 
    • Spare blankets
    • Travel pillows
    • Durable water bottle
    • Reusable coffee cup
    • Extra layer of clothing (think long underwear in case you pass through somewhere extra chilly)
    • Travel crystals and Tarot cards for rituals and readings on the road
    • Headphones for private time
    • Sleep mask
    • Travel journal and pen(s)
    • Towels for quick dips in hot springs or crystalline bodies of water
    • Leggings or comfy pants for riding in the car
    • Comfy tee, tank and hoodie
    • Undies and socks
    • Favorite pair of jeans
    • Flip-flop sandals
    • Hiking boots
    • Bathing suit
    • Raincoat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunhat

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