With the summer sun brightly blazing in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve gotten a chance to try more than a few sunscreens—and we have recommendations! Zinc (which blocks the sun naturally) also helps to heal blemishes and reduce inflammation (a leading cause of aging). The following are some favorite SPFs from our very own stashes, all of which are zinc mineral-based and non-toxic:

Josh RosenbrookAvailable in our wellness shop, Josh Rosenbrook Nutrient Day Cream delivers a potent combination of distinct herbal actives and plant oils to repair, moisturize, and protect your skin while serving as a lightweight base under makeup. With antioxidants, fatty acids, and phytonutrients, it also helps to firm the skin, reduce redness, and assist in cell regeneration. Serving double-duty, this uncoated, non-nano, high-micron zinc oxide SPF fights sun damage and the effects of gravity and time—luxuriously.

Juice Beauty’s SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer hydrates and maintains your skin’s health and radiance as it protects against the sun’s rays. Lightweight in feel, it’s loaded with antioxidant ingredients like organic grape, pomegranate, soothing aloe vera, vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-rich sea algae. You’ll notice the reasoning behind this star product’s name as your (protected) complexion glows like magic after applying. 

Kypris Beauty– Greek goddess Aphrodite herself would surely choose this skin-nourishing sunscreen moisturizer. Dubbed a ‘Pot of Shade: Heliotropic’ (“heliotrope” is growth towards the sun, the movement of plants), this natural block provides protection from rays while encouraging the skin to plump and beam luminously. Best of all, it’s non-irritating, so even the most sensitive of skin types can enjoy its glamorous natural benefits. 

AKT Therapy Elemental Sun Balm

Our customer service and e-commerce leader, Emily, adds a couple drops of Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil or Orchid Facial Oil to this balm to allow for a smoother application—and she swears by this ritual!. Vanilla extract and vitamin E ingredients give the skin a nourishing and blemish-blasting boost. Those with balanced or dry skin will discover the best sun-blocking moisture from this elegant Elemental Sun Balm.

Sundaze C-Shells Daily Sunscreen

This one is from my own personal stash. It’s a powerful mineral sunscreen that features vitamin C as its “hero ingredient,” which penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver skin-brightening, damage-repairing effects. Nongreasy texture provides lasting daily moisture while rosehip oil, green tea, and licorice extracts help to soothe my sensitive skin and even its tone. I notice a brighter, healthier complexion along with protection you I trust with this simple, reliable sunscreen that shows off a dreamy citrusy scent.

Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Sunscreen

Perfect for daily use and/or under makeup, this lightweight broad-spectrum sunscreen is gentle enough for babies and children in addition to adults. Aloe vera and rosehip oil combine with mineral sun-blocking ingredients to provide the skin with lightweight moisture that makes the skin look and feel its best. This effortless product definitely belongs in your summer beauty kit!

Surfmud Natural Zinc Sunblock

Packaged in an easy-to-recycle (or reuse) tin, this sport-level balm is made by surfers for surfers, so you know you’re getting powerful protection from the sun’s broad-spectrum rays. Simple, natural ingredients shield your skin from the harshest of elements, providing all-day coverage you can rely upon while you’re out tackling your wildest adventures. Toss this in your pack, grab your gear, and head out to play with confidence and happy skin.

Vive Sana Daily Protezione

Comprised almost entirely of organic ingredients, this subtly tinted sunscreen delivers wonderful clean nourishment in addition to protection. Silky sunflower, safflower, and jojoba oils combine with a touch of sheer tint to give the skin a delightfully radiance that finishes “no-makeup” looks with natural finesse. Those blessed with sensitive skin will adore this fragrance-free, water-resistant SPF that absolutely deserves a place in your purse and/or weekender bag.

Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion

According to reviewers, this sunscreen is gentle enough to handle even the most sensitive skin types. Plus, it’s easy to apply—a challenge for natural SPF formulators! Makeup glides on smoothly over this Daily Defense Lotion that absorbs with ease and lasts a while. With luxurious argan oil as a glow-enhancing ingredient, this protective every-morning moisturizer has all of us singing its praises.

Keri Gran 365 SPF 28

Speaking of luxury, this ultra-elegant daily sunscreen features exotic ingredients like macadamia nut, red raspberry seed, and french plum oils that give it a dramatically smooth finish that will not only aid in protecting your skin from light exposure—it’ll also bring out your inner royal queen! With near-flawless reviews and completely invisible, undetectable coverage, this miraculous moisturizer is truly decadent, and very comfortable to wear.

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