Since releasing Emerald 100mg CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil, we’ve fallen in love with cannabis and its magic all over again. We’ve received rewarding feedback about our oil, and we’ve also received questions, including some regarding the topic of dosage.

There are two main questions we get about CBD dosage in skincare: 

How do I read and interpret the dosage of Emerald CBD

One 30ml bottle of Emerald CBD contains 100mg of full-spectrum CBD. We recommend using between 4-8 drops each time you apply Emerald CBD, which translates to around 1 mg per application.

How much CBD does the complexion need to see effects? 

The answer to this question depends on the concentration per application, and also on the type and quality of the CBD. The stronger and higher quality the CBD, the less needed to see results. 

We sourced the highest-quality full-spectrum CBD oil we could find—one that is rich in nourishment, which commonly comes hand-in-hand with aromatic terpenes. The scent of cannabis is detectable in Emerald CBD upon application (without lingering), which is an indication of the oil’s high quality and concentration of benefits. With our powerful formula, little goes a long way!

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