Herbs have long been used to connect to the divine. You’ve likely heard that white sage is sacred to Native American ceremony, mistletoe is used to spark romance, and that tulsi basil is revered as a Hindu goddess. But did you know that cannabis, too, has a strong history of spiritual and magical reference?

Norse pagan goddess of fertility, Freya, is thought to be contained within the cannabis plant. Her essence enters the body during fertility and love rituals in which cannabis is ingested. In Hinduism, principle god Shiva purified the elixir of life that sprang forth from the churning of the oceans using cannabis he derived from his own body. Magu, the Chinese goddess of longevity, translates literally to “Hemp Maiden.” She, too, is associated with the elixir of life. We learn from these deities that cannabis is spiritually tied to healthy sexuality and strong life force energy.

Rastafari use cannabis to be close to Jah (God), especially in philosophical conversation, and Gautam Buddha (the sage responsible for establishing the religion of Buddhism) reportedly lived on a single hemp (a variety of cannabis) seed per day on his meditative path to enlightenment.

Modern sects such as the Church of the Universe and The THC Ministry celebrate cannabis as a healing sacrament worthy of significant focus. Modern witches and mystics across the globe tout the herb’s enlightening, healing and beautifying powers. From a spiritual perspective, this wondrous herb holds the power to open the mind, connect users to life force energy, and hone focus toward the divine.

The ecological and health benefits of hemp are plentiful. As a robust, regenerative crop, non-psychoactive hemp aligns beautifully with sustainability and the health of our planet. Hemp seed oil contains omega fatty and amino acids that play strong nutritive roles in health, beauty and wellness practices. It’s interesting to note that in this way, cannabis chemically aligns with its mythological legacy, very clearly elevating health, the elixir of life.

It is also interesting to note that adult cannabis leaves have seven points, and the number seven is numerologically linked to the divine throughout history and myth, with the overall theme of indicating spiritual maturity. It could be that this wondrous plant has seen sweeping popularity due in part to humanity being spiritually ready for the challenges that this world has to offer at this time, with cannabis as our faithful plant ally.

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