The energies of the moon and sun can be harnessed and contained in water for use in rituals that beautify, purify, bless, and cleanse.

Water makes up the majority of our physical bodily contents, which is why we are inherently deeply emotional beings. Water magic can help to restore balance, love, and ease, both on the planet and in the body. When communicating with the power of water, we come from a place of connection that is true to our integrated mind, body, and spirit. 

When we drink water, it becomes a part of us. Drinking water, taking a bath, breathing with the sea, and other water-focused activities invite our authentic selves to be present. When we utilize water in magic, we take in our emotional efforts as physical and spiritual parts of our being.

Sun- or moon-charged water can be:

  1. Used to rinse the face, hands and body (try pairing your sun or moon water with any of our soaps).
  2. Gently splashed onto the face to renew intentions
  3. Made into tea or tissane
  4. Added to your bath water
  5. Stirred into a drink, soup, stew, or sauce
  6. Used to mist a fresh linens

Full moons are supercharged with energy that can be harnessed for magical intent. To make moon water: fill a bowl or vessel with clean, pure water and place it in the moonlight overnight. Store your moon water in a sealed and labelled (making note that it’s moonwater, and also the moon’s current transit) in a beautiful container on a special shelf.

Charge your water on any night of the lunar cycle, understanding that it will absorb the energy of whatever sign the moon is currently moving through. For best potency, choose a full moon night to charge your water. Check the moon’s position on Planet Watcher for exact placement. If you choose to add a crystal or two to your water, be sure the resulting tonic is non-toxic before consuming.

The Sun is an actual star—a ball of fire and superpower that brings massive energy, with traits that mimic the zodiac zone it’s currently passing through. To make sun water: leave a container of water in the sunlight for at least ninety minutes to directly absorb potent astrological vibes. Store your sun water in a sealed and labelled (making note that it’s sunwater, and also its current transit) in a beautiful container on a special shelf.

Tea or herbs may be added to your sun water before charging. Try mixing and match herbs to match your intentions, or to honor a particular energy. For example, you might enjoy “Black Leo Sun Tea,” which is cold water with black tea leaves added and left in the Leo sun to steep slowly. Sun tea is excellent with a squeeze of lemon as an accompaniment to afternoon reading or planning. You are not only ingesting the cleansing black tea energy, you’re also infusing your cells with the brave, bold magic of Leo season. In the case that herbs or teas have been added, store your sun tea in the fridge for up to a week.

Beauty energy by sign:

Choose your day or night wisely for the most magical effects. Because the moon changes position more frequently than the sun, moon water charging offers the most flexible timing. Check out the list below to find your desired intent, charging your water accordingly:

Aries: Youthfulness

Taurus: Self-care

Gemini: A new look

Cancer: Washing tears away

Leo: Opening night

Virgo: Clearing impurities

Libra: Beauty sleep

Scorpio: Seduction

Sagittarius: Photo shoot

Capricorn: Money manifestation

Aquarius: Friendliness

Pisces: Harmony

Illustration by Wren McMurdo.

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