Plant aromas are produced by metabolites called “terpenes,” and the cannabis plant is well-known for its complex bouquet. Our Emerald CBD facial oil is infused with 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, and in the cannabis world, “full-spectrum” means the CBD extract isn’t isolated, but rather contains helpful compounds, phytonutrients, minerals, flavonoids, essential oils, and…terpenes! A lovely cannabis scent is detectable in full-spectrum CBD extracts, and thus, our Emerald CBD facial oil.
While the aroma is temporary, disappearing when the oil is absorbed into the skin, Emerald CBD offers the opportunity to indulge in the aromatherapeutic benefits of cannabis at the time of application.
Aromatherapy works with the body’s sense of smell to influence your endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. In the case of Cannabis, studies have shown that the scent of cannabis alone can activate the body’s endocannabinoid system (the system of receptors in the body, built specifically to respond to cannabinoids). This means the herbaceous aroma produced by cannabis offers subtle therapeutic rewards—without tincture or toke!

Culturally, the scent of cannabis can bring about a plethora of creative memories, thoughts and feelings. It may remind you of a deep conversation or an artistic experience, to name some examples. Being familiar with the divine applications of cannabis may even invite spiritual inspiration upon detecting the scent. 

Take pause as you apply Emerald CBD to enjoy its scent. Drop 3-5 drops onto the tips of your fingers, gently grazing your thumb over your finger pads to awaken the oil before smoothing it into your face and neck. 

Notice what you smell: is it a fruity scent? Earthy? Floral? The aroma(s) you discover point to the benefits your mind and body seeks. And as our CBD is full-spectrum, the possible synergies between cannabinoids are endless, your interaction with the oil is individual to you. Should you pick up on an earthy scent for example, the oil may be offering a more soothing, grounding effect to you at that time. A citrusy or bright smell can imply a mood-lightening effect.

Slowing down for aromatherapy is a cultivated practice that integrates meditative energy and forces of wellbeing into your everyday skincare rituals. Breathe smoothly and deeply with eyes closed while applying your Emerald CBD facial oil. This allows you to take in the fullness of the scent while sending fresh oxygen to your body. Make a habit of pausing for these moments each time you apply! Take it one step further and make room for a longer, heart-healing skincare ritual on special occasions.

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