The first day of Libra season in 2020 coincides with the autumn equinox and in the Northern Hemisphere and the spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Our earthly rotation has a celestial rhythm and impact. Seeds planted in the spring give birth to the harvest in the fall. Whatever space you make in autumn allows for new beginnings come spring. 

Celebrate the seasonal shifts in your part of the world with a dedicated altar, a special meal, or a rejuvenating bath with soothing ylang ylang or invigorating eucalyptus. Depending on where you are in the world, aim to manifest personal growth or release.

Libra is a symbol of justice, leadership, beauty, balance, romance, partnership, the arts, and money, so look for signs of this nature. To help you plan your Libra calendar, take note of the following dates and details for all twelve signs:

  • Saturn resumes forward motion on September 29th, aiding in the restoration of structure and leadership.
  • We’ll observe a beautiful Aries full moon on October 1st, which will stoke passion.
  • Venus flows into Virgo on October 2nd, illuminating nature’s flora and fauna.
  • Pluto resumes forward motion in Capricorn on October 4th, bringing a swelling in generational karmic flow.
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th, bringing steely consequences to misunderstandings. 
  • October 16th brings a Libra new moon, laying fertile ground for Scorpio season.
  • Mars, Neptune, and Uranus remain retrograde this Libra season, continuing to cause work to slow, lapses in moral judgement, unforeseen earthly events, and plenty of opportunity to address shortcomings in these areas.


Happy birthday season! This is a time of personal realization for you. Take time to recognize and celebrate the person you have become. This Libra season will dull any drama in your interpersonal life. A wise investment, be it money or another resource, will pay off around the beginning of October. Self-care tip: Celebrate your birthday with an all-purpose beauty oil like our Orchid Oil. Blend it with makeup, use it as a highlighter, dab it on your pulse points, etc.


Libra season is your time to align with your highest self. Clean house of any skeletons in your closet because who has any time for those anymore? With Mercury and Mars in retrograde, you’ll be drawn inward to reflect before having that heart-to-heart or making that investment until planets resume forward motion midway through November. Self-care tip: Meditate, meditate, meditate. Check out Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us by Justin Michael Williams.


Libra season is your time to build community. As a source of inspiration, cosmic stags can provide welcome warmth during uncertain times. Crack jokes, send gifts, bring the beats to the Zoom party. It’s likely you’ll wind up with your foot in your mouth. This will make you more relatable as long as you apologize. Self-care tip: Be more active as a member of your community.


Your tenth house of career will be lit up during Libra season, especially when your ruling planet Saturn awakens from a period of retrograde in your sign at the end of September. You’ll probably hit a bunch of roadblocks that will last through Scorpio season. These won’t be failures, just setbacks. In the meantime, channel your energy into a hobby. Self-care tip: Put gratitude journaling on your daily calendar. 


‘Tis the season of learning and expansion for cosmic water bearers. You’ll find a refreshed sense of confidence comes with this seasonal turn. Use Mercury retrograde to lay bare your soul to you-know-who. Your confession may stoke heat. Be sure to rehearse your speech before the meeting. Self-care tip: Sign up for a workshop or class that has nothing to do with your day job.


Libra season is your annual time to conduct deep work. This is a creative time, but also a serious phase of completion and course correction. If you’re in a casual relationship, this season may bring more commitment. Remember, you don’t need to exhaust yourself to manifest your wishes. Self-care tip: Make more time in your calendar for loved ones, even if limited to Zoom or FaceTime.


Relationships are on your mind this Libra season. You’re looking back on a few bridges you’ve charred and are making repairs. You may feel at odds with the world at times, but you’re standing up for what you believe in, which is more valuable than pleasing people. If you find yourself pointing fingers, turn that digit around to access your own responsibility in the matter. Self-care tip: Practice the art of active listening.


It’s time to roll out that yoga mat and break out the fresh produce because Libra season is your annual time to adjust and rejuvenate your day-to-day routines and rituals. Start by freshening your home, then your pantry, then your calendar. Try giving your lifestyle a carbon-neutral makeover complete with offsetsSelf-care tip: Make getting eight solid hours of sleep each night a top priority.


Libra season is your annual time of rebirth. Your creative side is at its peak as the scales balance in late September and early October. Use Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to work on your moves before November when things could get spicy. Upcycle or donate things you no longer need and call in good energy with things like mirrors and flowers. Self-care tip: Indulge in a deep tissue massage.


You’re battling tension in your professional network at the beginning of Libra season, having been called to tend to matters of the heart since July. Heavy heart energy can clash with your career, which has been both challenging and rewarding. Your spiritual side has been on point, which is helping you to manage surprise disasters. Self-care tip: Take up tea drinking, or drink more if you already have.


Libra season is a socially active time of year for you as your third house feels the warmth of the sun—your ruling planet. Find patches of clear sky to safely meet up with friends, colleagues and family members. The Aries full moon on October 1st is likely to dredge up old wounds, so be prepared with self-care provisions. Self-care tip: Soak in a dreamy bath infused with a comforting product like our Coconut Milk Bath Soak.


Libra season is your annual time to dive deep into number crunching and taking stock. Consider your resources and how you might work smarter, not harder. As a Virgo, you’ve probably already begun to rearrange some things. Aim for full optimization by the full moon on October 1st, which will be emotionally demanding. Self-care tip: Stretch in the evening before bed.

Illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac.

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