Your bathroom is a place of ritual. Self-care acts like taking care of your skin can be highly enjoyable and simple, and are essential to cultivating a rich and fulfilling practice of self-love. Making a habit of refreshing the good vibes in this space brings enormously improved quality of life at home.

There are easy adjustments you can make that will improve your bathroom vibes. This list is an easy checklist of six simple, affordable and effective tips to help you do just that.

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  1. Sanitize. Organize. Minimize. 

Start your bathroom refresh journey by thinking of new ways to organize, minimize, and/or sanitize your bathroom. When’s the last time you cleaned under the sink? Perhaps there’s a lovelier way to arrange your towels, or half the products in your drawers?

Because your bathroom is so frequently used, it needs to be thoughtfully arranged. Let go of cluttering objects that only hold mild sentimental value. Replace anything cracked or broken or dingy. Clear and recycle expired bottles of product, leaving behind your favorites, only.

2. Filter the air.

Greenery is essential in decorating. Houseplants keep the air clean, which is important in frequently used areas like the bathroom. If yours has no windows, there are a few species that survive in dark rooms, including Fittonia, ZZ, and Pothos plants. For areas with more light, consider a soft Lace Fern or a curvy String-of-Pearl plant.

Avoid toxic cleaning and skincare products and fragrances to keep the air and your body clean and rejuvenated, not forced to go on the defense, which drains good energy.

3. Catch and reflect light.

If you do have a window, put crystals or special stones in the windowsill. Find a way to reflect natural light into the room more efficiently. If you can, hang a mirror so that it reflects the light from your window to add light and sun ray vibes to your space. The sun delivers powerful warmth and comfort into your bathroom that lifts and lightens your energy, and feeds you while you take care of yourself.

If your bathroom has no natural light, light candles as often and safely as possible, placing them near mirrors and shiny surfaces to amplify their glow.

4. Add round focal points.

Vulnerability is a given bathroom spaces. Create a soothing and inviting environment by minimizing sharp corners or angles, opting instead for round, soft, curvy objects, smooth stones, round rugs, pretty bottles, circular mirrors, etc.

5. Keep things closed.

Open containers of all kinds absorb and suck positive energy from the room. Keep the toilet lid closed. Keep lids screwed or snapped shut. Close ajar cabinet doors. Fix any leaky faucets or plumbing issues.

6. Consider color.

Drape your bathroom space in a color that soothes anxiety by sticking to neutrals, pastels, and cool-toned hues. If your skincare products are organized in plain sight, consider arranging them by color to form a rainbow that looks clean and brings in positive energy.

7. Appeal to the season. 

If the weather’s lovely, open the window. If it’s cloudy or cold, light a candle. Add flowers in the spring and garlands in the summer. Place little vases of winter flora on the counters in cooler months. Hang a decoration or two to celebrate holidays.


The most important part of arranging and caring for your home is how it looks and feels to you. If anything feels “off,” reassess and rework, but avoid perfectionism. There is no such thing as a completely finished space, or perfect energy flow. If our home reflects our life, it will evolve right along with us.


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Illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac.

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