We believe in our democracy, and we dearly hope you’re planning to vote in this year’s General Election. Here are some resources to help you do so without issue. 

  1. Register, check your registration status, and update your address if you need to. This is the most basic and essential step. Get ready to exercise your sacred right to vote!
  1. Read up on mail-in voting if you plan to vote by mail. Each state has different rules and voters often aren’t equipped with the information they need to properly ensure their votes are counted. Take the initiative and find out for yourself. 
    1. Find out how to properly fill out and cast a ballot in your state well ahead of time. 
    2. Get ahead of post office slowdowns by finding out when the earliest day you can vote is.
    3. Make sure you know whether or not you need to request a ballot or if it will be sent automatically. 
    4. Highlight dates on your calendar, including the earliest date you can cast a ballot, the earliest date you can request your ballot if you haven’t already, and the date you expect to have your ballot in hand. If you don’t have your ballot on that day, make sure to double check its status in case you need to request a new one.
  1. Find a polling place if you’re planning to vote in person, and have a few backup polling places in mind. Pandemics can ruin plans, and Mercury will be retrograde on the day of the election. Plan for the worst, aim for the best! Screenshot and bookmark the addresses of your polling places so you can easily find them. Create a calendar event for the election in your phone and add the address of your polling place(s). 
  1. Make a plan with your “quaran-team.” Voting during a pandemic is tricky business, but the risk can be minimized. If you’re planning to cast votes in person and the lines are long, go as a team to provide bathroom breaks and huddle as a pod to keep warm if it’s cold.
  1. Do more than vote:
  • Use your platform to get out the vote. Whether you’re an “influencer” or not, you have influence. Make it clear where you stand and encourage others to vote, including family, friends, and followers. This is where you can make the biggest difference aside from casting a ballot yourself.
  • Sign up to be a poll worker. Due to the pandemic, many of those who would normally be working the polls during this will be unable to do the job this year. If you have the time and the ability, sign up to take over this incredibly important job. Many polling positions are paid. Look to your local Secretary of State or Division of Elections website for more info.
  • Volunteer with your state party chapter. You don’t have to get off your couch to get your party elected. Many chapters have created innovative remote canvassing programs, training webinars, phone banks, and texting events that you can join from home. 
  • Host your own polling place, like the NBA plans to. Depending on your state, you might be able to take the strain off other polling places by opening one up in your own residence or building. You can help your neighborhood vote and skip the long lines! Win, win! Check your state’s department of elections website for details.

Here’s to manifesting the best possible outcome during the 2020 US General Election! Stay well, and stay safe.

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