Gemini season, May 21st through June 21st, is represented by twins. Like Libra and Aquarius, Gemini is an air sign, governed by the forces of breath, communication, and connectivity. Themes that are likely to arise this season are duality, mirroring, critical thinking, openness to change, creativity, fluctuation, and friendship.

With regard to wellness, we’ve taken note of some Gemini-appropriate practices that would be wise to take note of and adopt during this time. Read on to equip yourself for a thriving and expansive Gemini season!

Engage in the art of debate.

Gemini is what’s known as a “mutable” sign, meaning it’s open to change and influence. With Gemini, this openness is balanced with broad thinking and cross-cultural dexterity. This season, prepare to think critically from new perspectives. Connect dots, people, and concepts. Challenge yourself: read books written by people you think you disagree with. Ask tough questions while intentionally making more room for laughter and play. If you’re skilled at remaining compassionate and comfortable with people while digging into issues that truly matter to the collective at large, perhaps you should consider running for office.

Burn incense.

Gemini’s element, air, becomes visible with the help of smoke. Some view smoke as a connection to the divine, so using incense as a spiritual aid. Add some incense from our wellness shop to your shopping cart or grow and burn your own herbs. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, hopefully, you took the opportunity to nurture some baby herbal seeds during Taurus season. If not, it’s probably not too late to start. Gather some fresh herbs (snip them directly from live plants or buy them unpackaged from a farmer’s market) then collect them in a bundle and hang them in your kitchen.

Keep the bundles away from direct sunlight, and your herbs should be dry anywhere from five days to a few weeks later, depending on the plant (for speedier drying, use a dehydrator or an oven on low). As far as the choice of herbs, we love cooking classics like rosemary, thyme, and sage for burning in small amounts to connect to air energy, inviting positive, Gemini-season vibes.

Speaking of vibes…detect the vibes.

Air is unseen, so air signs are expert detectors of things like “the energy in the room.” For this reason, Gemini season is a fabulous time to detect any unnecessary electromagnetic energy hiding in sleep and workspaces. Do this by using an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter or tuning a battery-operated AM radio to any white noise space between stations. You’ll notice extra static sounds emitting from the radio near devices and appliances that may be emitting extra waves. These waves in excess can invisibly pollute your space and cause free radical buildup.

To remedy this, shut electronics off when not in use—WiFi in particular—to keep your space (and your skin) free of electromagnetic smog. Don’t put your laptop directly on your lap and use speakerphone as much as possible (as opposed to wireless headphones or ear-to-phone contact) when making calls and listening to podcasts, etc. Choose crystals that absorb and neutralize EMFs, like black tourmaline, quartz, hematite, and shungite, and arrange them around your office, kitchen, entertainment zone, and anywhere electricity is used.

You might notice a clearer mind, more energy, a better mood, and an easier time meditating when you’ve made an effort to reduce electromagnetic fields in your space.

Practice mirror magic.

Gemini twins remind us of the value of togetherness. Prep yourself for lots of social time (typical for this season) by ensuring your vanity routine is solid. Dust and polish your bathroom or bedroom vanity area. Adorn it with a crystal that brightens the aura, like a prism, or one that switches on your seventh-chakra divinity, like an amethyst cluster. Practice self-love rituals like this one, which involves acknowledging your beauty at your vanity. Put extra effort into cultivating your personal beauty. If you need a little help, enlist in a friend to take you second-hand hunting for flattering finds, or head to the stylist for a refreshing trim. Gemini season is a fine time to experiment with your looks—is there a side of you that’s been dying to come out and show off?

While out and about, notice the beauty in others. This practice is a kind of mirror magic that sends gorgeous harmonious vibrations echoing like ripples through the universe.

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