Our Jade Rollers are crafted from a type of green quartz called aventurine. This stone, which closely resembles jade in appearance and metaphysical benefits, is also known as “Indian jade” due to its origination from Karnataka, India. We chose to use aventurine in our facial rollers because of its mining industry, which is much more ethical than the industry in Myanmar, where most available jade is sourced.

Aventurine is less rare and expensive than jade while still maintaining many similarities to the precious gem, particularly in its vitality-enhancing properties. Its green hue signals that aventurine aligns with the energy center of the heart, which is most responsible for attracting luck, money, health, and abundance. These benefits are also attributed to jade, emerald, and other green stones.

Similarities between jade and aventurine include:

  • Both are considered very lucky! Aventurine in particular is known as the “stone of opportunity.”
  • Both are known to heal the heart and cleanse your heart space of negative energy while supporting circulatory health.
  • Both support abundance. Jade and aventurine are very useful in attracting opportunities to manifest wealth and sense of security. 
  • Both increase confidence and energy by stimulating compassion toward yourself and others.

Use our aventurine Jade Roller with Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil or any of our facial oils regularly for bouncy, glowing skin. On special occasions, utilize it as part of a self-love ritual to feed your soul as well as your skin!

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