What calls to be nurtured? What lies ahead this spring?

A new moon in Aries arrives on April 4th amidst the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. New moons are a time of planting (literal and) proverbial seeds in hopes of manifesting desired outcomes for the future. Rituals like these are particularly useful because they set off an entropic response in the brain that leads us to think practically and consider roadblocks so that we are better prepared to manifest successfully. Rituals also give our goals a level of importance that might not have been realized.

This new moon awakens the inner child and inner guardian simultaneously. You’ll act as your own nurturer while developing sustainable maturity balanced with empathy and compassion.

The following ritual ideas will center your being around the energy of this Aries new moon:

  • Create a makeshift “nest” for your inner child. This can be represented by a plant, a spot within your body, a candle in an altar space, or something nest-like of your own devising. Meditate in the presence of your nest when you need to nurture or be nurtured.
  • Be with the young. Spend quality time with babies. Take trips to your local animal shelter to cuddle some fuzzy friends. Volunteer to mentor local youth. Join a parenting group or carpool to build community for your own kid(s) if you have them.
  • Plant some seeds! An Aries new moon is an apt time to get your indoor or outdoor garden(s) humming with fresh potential.
  • Meditate on a flame. Hone your focus by gazing at a candle flame for one to five minutes. Aries’ energy is synonymous with quick reactions that burn quickly. With an Aries’ new moon, we have an opportunity to think about our quick reactions and their consequences. Use this flame meditation to practice taking pause. 
  • Read Tarot/Oracle cards. New moons are ripe for reflection. Tarot and Oracle decks provide lots of visual cues and inspiring imagery to get your juices flowing. Try the spread below to focus and clarify.
Aries Focus Tarot + Oracle Card Spread

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