We are thrilled to support our community with our just-released Hand Hero 75% Alcohol Hand Purifying Gel. We consider ourselves lucky to have production capabilities during these uncertain times, and it is our honor to help keep hands soft and sanitized during this time.

Our Pink Grapefruit and Lavender hand sanitizers work to purify hands with the CDC-recommended level of alcohol required to kill germs and viruses (75%). Skin-soothing Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid complete this original formula to help prevent the dryness you might experience with many sanitizers. This 100% vegan formula is cruelty-free and packaged in a recyclable glass container.

We were able to interview our Lead Compound Specialists Keith Lommassen and Mike Loftus. They are both highly regarded for their intuitive understanding of natural ingredients and consistently positive energy. 

Left to right: 
Mike (“Mikey”) Loftus and Keith (“Kiki”) Lommasson

How was the idea for Hand Hero conceived?

Mike: When the pandemic started, hand sanitizers were sold out everywhere. You couldn’t find them in grocery stores or online. So we looked at the back of a Purell bottle and realized we could just make some in-house.

Keith: We had the raw materials already at the compounding facility and created it as a way to protect the staff. We never thought about turning it into a product to offer to the public, but everyone loved the hand purifying gel. One thing led to another and the idea sort of took off from there. 

What was the development process like?

Mike: We used our intuition and skills from all the serums we’ve helped develop over the past two years and applied these to Hand Hero. We decided to add Sodium Hyaluronate because it’s a great thickener that’s also nice and hydrating.  

We chose Lavender as a scent because it was an obvious choice. Pink Hand Hero was originally scented with Blood Orange but then our founder Julia requested that we use Pink Grapefruit.

How involved were Herbivore founders Julia Wills and Alex Kummerrow?

Mike: All of our product development involves a fair amount of back and forth with our founders Julia and Alex. This way we can ensure that the product fulfills their vision and fits the culture of Herbivore.

What do you love most about working at Herbivore?

Keith: I love the staff. Everyone is so thoughtful, creative, and kind. 

Mike: I love the eclectic nature and diversity of my teammates along with the curiosity and innovation keeps this place ticking.

We are pairing our launch of Hand Hero with a 50,000 donation of hand sanitizers to United Way King’s County, an organization that serves marginalized communities in the greater Seattle area. We are also donating 25,000 hand sanitizers to hospitals in the New York City area. And as a thank you gift to our amazing Herbivore community, Hand Heros will ship free with every order starting May 13 while supplies last. We are so grateful for our ability to continue producing the products you rely on, while helping to meet the needs of our community both locally and nationally.


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