Diamonds are coveted for their incredible sparkle, steep value, and energetic power that few stones can claim to rival. Metaphysically, diamonds are associated with the month of April, Aries and Taurus astrological signs, and the birth of the zodiac calendar year.

It is apt that diamonds are associated with the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere—just as wedding season begins to prime! As champion amplifiers of energy, diamonds strengthen bonds while deepening faith and faithfulness in marriages and partnerships. Popular alternatives aside, diamonds are still one of the most vibrationally appropriate stones for conveying love and romantic commitment.

Diamonds can form in a variety of hues. Each carries a different vibration, making certain colors of diamonds more appropriate for different intentions:

  • Black diamonds carry a distinct sense of authority and power.
  • White diamonds carry cultural allure, pious energy and clean vibes.
  • Pink and diamonds are extremely rare, signifying entropic creativity and expansive roots.
  • Green diamonds are also extremely rare and attract luck, prosperity and abundance.
  • Yellow diamonds are associated with the sun, daylight, humility and devotion.
  • Brown diamonds bring clarity, stability, alignment and groundedness.

Diamonds are:

Symbols of abundance: Naturally occurring diamonds are very rare, and therefore powerful symbols of fiscal wealth. Long regarded as “a girl’s best friend,” diamonds have has historically offered something of a monetary safety net to engaged or married women living in male-dominated economies.

Formed from the mighty carbon molecule, diamonds are incredibly physically sound, resisting scratching and abrasion with endless vigor (a diamond is forever). Because of this, these gems are valued as very precious, indeed. Optimal cut, color and clarity adds additional value. There is nothing so mystical as the sparkle of a diamond!

Symbols of commitment: It is practically universally known that diamonds are associated with marriage and engagement. Metaphysically, this gives the diamond powers of persuasion and glamour (a witchy term meaning costume). Wearing a diamond on one’s left ring finger delivers extraordinary social impact in the Western world, communicating to others that you’re most likely married, which can serve protectively even when those assumptions would be false.

Amplifiers of energy: The hardest of the gemstones, diamonds are supercharged conduits of energy, allowing them to intensify emotional mindsets like love, attachment and commitment. Wearers beware: diamond gems will amplify whatever vibes you’re emitting, so be sure to stay positive when donning them.

Those in committed relationships should take care to remove and charge their diamonds should any squabbling or strife occur. Charge diamonds by cleansing them gently with cool water (watch them sparkle!), then place them in the full or new moonlight overnight. In the morning, cup each diamond in your palms. Gently gaze at your gems to infuse them with positive thoughts, tuning them to channel and attract compassion and love.

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