With the sun in Aries, we are all itching to break out of our spring seeds and bloom at the beginning of April. Action-oriented Mars and structured Saturn in tech-savvy Aquarius make it possible to do so in a digital way.

  • A Full Pink Super Moon in Libra on April 7th brings “new normal” settling and divine inspiration to the collective. After weeks of massive, reality-shattering change, all signs begin to find agency, community, and fresh artistry as expansive Jupiter trines with creative Venus and “wounded healer” planet Chiron.
  • Use what you cultivate at the Full Moon to prepare for the New Moon on April 22nd, which may be stormy—celestially speaking. The Sun and Moon link arms in earthy Taurus, this time joined by Uranus, planet of surprises and technology. All of these planets will be at odds with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (the three planets likely the most responsible for these incredibly weird times). 
  • Happy angles between nurturing Venus, action-oriented Mars and communication master Mercury imply that versatility and compassion are important above all else this month.


Happy Birthday! Rams will be keeping in touch with their familial roots (matriarchs in particular) in April. Honoring the earth and maintaining a spiritual practice will top your to-do list for overall well being. With wacky Uranus shaking up your second house of possessions and assets, you’ll be encouraged to get creative and collaborative. The New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd may intensify your world, but it appears to be leading you in the way of your best destiny. Be strong, warrior! You were born to face challenging times such as these.

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Bulls are facing identity shifts in April, and are taking time with friends, siblings, and community members to remember who they are and what they truly need and want. At the Full Pink Super Moon on the 7th, clean, decorate and rearrange your home, then join or host a community meditation, prayer service or yoga class. The New Moon on the 22nd will seemingly plop challenges in your lap, but it appears you have the resources and experience to deal with any drama. Taurus understands the phrase “slow and steady wins the race” better than any other sign in the zodiac. Use this to your advantage!

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It’s Gemini’s job to be a force of positivity in April. Twins seem less phased by chaos, and are learning a lot. Nurturing Venus in your first house gives you the go-ahead to make people laugh with your quick wit and clever creativity. The New Moon on April 22nd will be your call to action. Airy Geminis are incredibly versatile, which is the asset to cultivate this month. They are also highly intelligent and less likely to take things personally. Amidst clamoring celestial weather, late-May- or early June-born folks could find themselves being promoted and praised for their much-needed skill sets.

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Crabs are another crew finding their stride amidst strife. Beautiful angles between the Moon in their first house of identity and Neptune in their ninth house of education are lighting up Cancerian dreams and amplifying their signature intuitive skills. It appears that creativity and career will play roles in establishing their leadership in relation to global shifts. The Pink Full Super Moon on the 7th will bring unbound clarity. Whatever surprises may surface at the April 22nd New Moon, you will find the appropriate tools in your toolbelt. The challenge for crabs will be keeping empathy in check in a world filled with anxious beings.

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Lions need to keep especially healthy in April, and while they don’t need to scrub their hands raw, they do need to keep scrubbing their hands (and lustrous manes). Jupiter and Pluto (two out of the three powerhouse “karma” planets taking the global center stage right now) land in Leo’s sixth house of health and wellness. Ambitious lions should be careful to avoid working too hard. It’s okay to lean on partners, besties, co-workers, employees, etc. more than usual. Your community will rally around you at the Full Pink Super Moon. You may need to take time off for mental, physical or emotional wellness at the New Moon on the 22nd. Seek resources in areas where you might not normally look.

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Virgins of the zodiac may find themselves researching global and political issues to the point of obsession at the beginning of April, which could be detrimental to their wellness. Turn that learning bug instead to creative pursuits, which will strengthen and bolster your overall wellbeing. Bake bread, paint with watercolors, write a play, sew surgical masks, etc. You may be surprised to discover an entrepreneurial or career-related spark of inspiration in the process, especially around the Full Pink Super Moon on the 7th of April. The New Moon on the 22nd will show you how these newfound skills will serve the planet and global community in the long run.

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Judicious Libras appear to be taking things very seriously in April. The Full Pink Super Moon on the 7th will highlight the sometimes-overlooked leadership qualities these cardinal beings possess. Demonstrate the very real power of beauty and expression to heal, Libra. Think: flowers, art, feng shui, fashion, music. Now that so many of us are spending more time in our homes, we can all take a page out of aesthetics expert Libra’s book. Watch for communication issues at the New Moon on the 22nd, and leverage your status to protect what’s important to you. Pay attention to your body, for that is where your intuition will show up most clearly in April. 

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Scorpions will be missing certain family members this month, and will lean on partnerships and close friends to smooth any forehead wrinkles. Allow the dream world to inspire you, as soul-searching Neptune hovers elegantly in your fifth house of creativity. This energy will build and grow as the Full Pink Super Moon in Libra arrives in your twelfth house of spirituality on April 7th. Deep feeling Scorpions will feel the moody New Moon on April 22nd more than most. Despite the weight, your compassion and relationships will remain strong and steady. Continue to focus on how you are gaining strength and knowledge right now.

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Lucky stags will be blessed with health and a solid sense of security at the beginning of the month. It is possible that a tax return, inheritance or generosity from family could play a significant role in your support system. The Full Pink Super Moon in your eleventh house of community 7th on the could have you itching to dress up and go out. Whether via internet airwaves or otherwise, make it happen! The New Moon on April 22nd may test you. Boost your immune system, be frugal (without banishing small luxuries), get plenty of rest, and keep your eye on the legacy you are building between the 7th and the 22nd. Things will lighten up again by the end of the month.

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Sea goats have simultaneously felt more challenged and more prepared than ever these days. Their creativity shows up as nurturing energy in April as they pull their closest confidantes even closer. Siblings and old friends provide spiritual support. The Full Pink Super Moon on April 7th brings a glistening positive outlook and radiant mental health. Cultivate those positive feelings, for the New Moon on April 22nd will likely be challenging. Partnerships in business (and romance?) will support you as you face off any uncertainty like the cardinal force that you are. While the celestial smoke may not have entirely cleared by the end of the month, most of it will certainly have dispersed.

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You may feel a little bit helpless at the beginning of April, but your mood and strong sense of yourself nevertheless keep you afloat. At the Full Pink Super Moon on April 7th, you’ll have more of an impact diving into a creative project than trying to solve other people’s problems directly. This creativity may take flight at the New Moon on April 22nd when your particular brand of out-of-the box thinking comes into high demand. Relax your expectations of family members and friends at this time. Sometimes people are disappointing—drop it and be unwaveringly compassionate.

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Your creativity is in its prime this month, with dreamy Neptune in your first house of identity, and our intuitive Moon hovering in your fifth house of individualism and artistic endeavors. The Full Pink Super Moon on April 7th will find you juggling family and career matters like a wizard, bestowing you with divine clarity about the life you want to live and leave behind. Watch out for tension between siblings, friends and employment at the New Moon on April 22nd. The best way to deal is to keep your hands on the wheel. Like it or not, you are the Gandalf of the zodiac, possessing a deeper knowledge of things beyond our senses.
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