Moody much?

We all are these days, and we need all the help we can get. A little bit of magic goes a long way, and due to their use in casting radio waves, crystals are proven to project energetic and vibrational effects that may help to stabilize emotional wavering.

Each crystal carries its own unique energy, and in addition to clearing away negative energy and connecting us to our higher powers, all gemstones are helpful in addressing different mental, emotional, spiritual and physical maladies. Accept a little help from the following crystal friends in this time of collective need.

Crystal tools:

Lapis Ritual Tool Kit


Use your Lapis Facial Roller when you’re feeling mentally fatigued, when you’ve been looking at the news or scrolling for too long, or if you have a headache. For a complete lapis experience, try our Lapis Ritual Tool Kit.

Rose Quartz Ritual Kit

Rose Quartz

Reach for your Rose Quartz Facial Roller, our Rose Quartz Gua Sha or our Rose Quartz Ritual Kit when you want nurturing or the feeling of being taken care of. 

Amethyst Ritual Kit


This calming crystal soothes anxiety and helps to bring your energy down when you’re feeling frantic. Try our Amethyst Facial Roller or our Amethyst Ritual Kit.

Jade Facial Roller


You know you need a Jade Facial Roller or a Jade Gua Sha massage when you feel bitterness creeping in. 

More crystals:

Aura quartz

Aura quartz comes in handy when you’re feeling optimistic and would like to amplify and spread this energy to your friends and family. Supercharge your powers of positivity!


Lift feelings of depression, including loss of appetite, with a buttery yellow citrine cluster. Keep it in the kitchen to infuse your cooking with its energy!

Clear quartz

Powerful clear quartz is perfect for prayer and meditation, encouraging overall health, chakra alignment and radiance from within. Decorate with this princess of gemstones in all areas of life to mature your magic and boost your immunity to inauthenticity.

Optical calcite

Gaze at a piece of optical calcite when you’re feeling fearful of the future.


Increase and ease communication at home with a multi-hued fluorite point to strengthen the intuition and enhance relationship harmony. Download messages from the collective with a fluorite point positioned beside your bed.

Can’t decide?

Our Wellness Crystal Collection features tumbled lapis, amethyst, citrine and rose quartz for a little bit of everything. These compact gemstones fit in your bra, pockets and purse so you can keep them close at all times. A luxurious pink velvet pouch encases and protects these beauties. Bonus: citrine helps to cleanse the energies of the other stones in this kit!

More crystal resources:

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Which one is your favorite crystal? Leave us a comment below.

Be well and stay safe!

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