Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, known especially for its proclivity toward success and enterprise. When Capricorn leads the way, look to the mountains for inspiration. Capricorn is thought to be inclined toward success, and that is partially due to this archetype’s stay-the-course approach to accomplishment. It is appropriate that the season of the sea goat coincides with the New Year in many parts of the globe, when long-term goals are often set.

Staying steady and grounded is easier when this cosmic leader takes the reigns, and the flip side of that coin can look stagnant or depressed. Because strength and dominion are key themes of this sign, so another challenge Capricorn faces is keeping personal relationships and other close-to-home priorities on top. Observe the following to stay steady under Capricorn’s rule:

  • Climb a mountain. Lace up your hiking boots and get to tromping. No matter the weather, make it your business to go outside daily. Start your training for that marathon or Everest climb, even. Nothing can stop you if your sun or rising sign is Capricorn, and during Capricorn season, everyone gets a taste of the commitment vibes. The trick for everyone else is staying on track as seasons and surroundings progress and change.
  • Carve out time for family and friends. It can be lonely at the top! No doubt Capricorn can have a positive impact on your career and bottom line. Responsibility can also be isolating, so be sure to use your Capricorn-inspired calendar savvy to make time for the most important thing in life: people. Sea goat season arrives around a lot of major holidays, helping to soften the blow of this sign’s mountainous impact.
  • Construct your goals. Before you fill your NYE dance card, task out a goal or two to see how you might make an item on your bucket list come to life. Capricorn vibes will see to it that you think clearly and carefully for the best possible outcome. Coinciding with taskmaster Saturn, the Capricorn archetype emits authority and holds a firm grip on reality, and is thus more able to set sights on accomplishing attainable yet powerful dreams.

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Illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac.

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