The complexion is subject to constant change depending on weather conditions, hormones, blood sugar, hydration, etc. Experiment to find glow combinations that work for your unique skin by mixing and matching oils and serums with our (travel-friendly!) Jewel Box. This limited-edition rainbow kit includes three facial oils and two glow-boosting serums that work well on their own, and offer enhanced benefits when combined. 

For cool/cold-weather-specific skincare suggestions, check out the below guide. 

Living/traveling somewhere warm? Check out our guide for hot + dry/humid skincare.


Snowy climates present a combination of high-contrast environments: icy condensation, chilling winds, blasting indoor heat, etc. that increase the need for calm, balance and hydration in your skincare routine. Don’t forget to use a little SPF if you plan to hit the slopes to prevent snow-reflected sun damage!

  • Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil – Skin that’s been exposed to extreme weather will appreciate the depth of moisture provided by this full-spectrum CBD facial oil that helps to reduce the appearance of redness and stress. Use with a Jade Gua Sha Tool to massage the face, increase circulation and relax the muscles after tensing in the cold weather.
  • Phoenix Facial Oil – Your face is usually the most exposed part of your body when you’re playing in the snow. With youth-preserving rose hip oil and nourishing CoQ10, your skin will appreciate Phoenix Facial Oil after blustery or bitter cold days. 
  • Coconut Milk Bath Soak – This ultra-hydrating coconut milk powder-based soak makes an indulgent addition to your ski suitcase or midwinter rituals with its subtly sweet fragrance and velvet texture that infuses skin with milky moisture. Moisturize after your soak with Coconut Body Oil as part of our STAYCATION Coconut Bath + Body Duo.
  • Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish – Step into the shower or bath and slough away winter-chapped skin to reveal a fresh, polished and moisturized glow with our hydrating Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish. 


Rainy weather can help to boost your skin’s natural hydration levels to create a dewy, fresh look, naturally. On the other hand, excess precipitation can sap dry skin and/or exacerbate oily complexions. Short- and long-term residents of any rainy corner will benefit from the following products that pair well with precipitation: 

Looking for skincare for hot/dry or hot/humid? Check out our tips!

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