Libra is an ethereal queen ruled by Venus, and commands balance and harmony. Inspired by aesthetics, Libra lights up the home and hearth with carefully selected hygge decor. They show off their dreamy style, which is both sensual and appropriate. They minimize where necessary, having little trouble letting go of the old to make room for extra breathing space. As masters of their craft, Libras are driven by creativity and intuition. 

As a cardinal sign, Libra leads, specifically toward greater peace and equilibrium. This is why Libra energy is considered present in judicial matters and coupled relationships. Tap into Libra power when pairings in your life are under pressure, or any time there is a conflict for which evaluation with balanced subjective and objective viewpoints is necessary. When Libra energy is running on high, opportunities to smooth relationships and tap creative intuition abound. Indulge in the following practices to get into the Libra swing of things:

  • Decorate. Starting with your closet, bathroom, or vanity zone, let Libra energy inspire your next decor spree. Collage together simple items like baskets on a wall, pretty bowls on your countertop, or pressed flowers in frames. Aim to include plants and scents as part of the scheme. Wreaths are oh-so Libra—and witchy to boot. Hanging musical instruments, vintage furniture, plush throws and houseplants are other essentials in a lush Libra-inspired space.
  • Dance. Illustrious Libra is sure to bring about the Divine Feminine via your hips in the form of dance moves. Turn on your favorite flow tunes and get to twirling under lovely, Libra-ruled skies. Because Libra is an air sign, you might be inspired to take your dancing a bit further, diving into aerial arts like pole and/or hoop dancing. Curate your playlist so you can groove at a moment’s notice.
  • Drape. Fashion is paramount to Libra expression, and flowing finds like robes and gowns are sure to make the cut. Don your longest sleeves and lounge like a queen, as Libra would. Comfort, cut, and color are top considerations in a Libra-inspired closet, with special emphasis placed on breezy, painterly looks. For balanced skin to match your mystical mumu, try our balancing Lapis Facial Oil.

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