Fall and winter are seasons magic and comfort, baths and books, hot coffee and good conversation. Embrace colder days with a grin having checked the following off your to-do list:

Create a plush lounging space. It might be a corner of the master or bathroom, a re-envisioned arrangement of your living room furniture or maybe that spot in your office by the window. All it needs is a touch of Hygge, a Danish word meaning ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,’ according to the Oxford Dictionary. 

Hygge items include plush, ultra-comfy furniture, glowing natural candles, chunky knit throw blankets, fluffy cotton pillows, real books, organic green plants, bespoke plushies, floor-draping curtains, fireplaces and bowls of popcorn. To get started, select an inspiring statement piece such as a vintage chair or fringed macrame reading hammock.

Stock your hot drink cupboard. Steaming mugs are obvious essentials as chillier months roll on, and they’re opportunities to nourish and heal. While caffeine in moderation can deliver positive health benefits for some, the keyword remains moderation, as too much can easily dehydrate and overstimulate your system. We understand the necessity of keeping the warm sips coming, so after your ritual morning cuppa, switch to refills of something caffeine-free for the rest of the day. 

Hot water with lemon is a simple potion to concoct and instantly boosts the health of your skin. To deepen your health, head to your local herb store and fill mason jars with mood-lifting hibiscus flowers, stomach-soothing ginger and blood-nourishing nettle leaves. Select favorite mismatched ceramic mugs and bowls from the thrift shop and dedicate them to the delicious meals and drinks you’ll enjoy throughout fall and winter. 

Pick up your needles. Knitting, crochet, sewing projects and fiber crafts are ideal during cooler temps. Creative, meditative rituals benefit your mental health—not to mention your chilly bones! 

If needlecrafts aren’t your bag, switch on the amp and plug in your electric bass, pull out the oils and easel, and/or sauté your way through a new cookbook. Cold months are a great excuse to stay indoors and hone a craft.

Beautify the bathroom. Embrace comfort to the fullest by investing time and energy into deep cleansing and updating your bathroom. It’s easy to neglect cold, tiled areas when it’s chilly, so the earlier you can tackle this room, the better. Accent the claw foot with snake plants, aloe, ivy, or ferns for fresh botanical vibes. Transform old bath mats and towels into house rags and purchase fresh, natural replacements. 

Stock up on slow skincare essentials like Brighten, our white tourmaline and pineapple enzyme mask that makes your skin glow like magic. Our Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, with crushed amethyst crystal powder and Jasmine Sambac, gently exfoliates the skin to silky smooth while infusing your bath and shower water with relaxing energy. 
Beautify your vanity space and closet, while you’re at it. Your beauty rituals are worth the effort. Admiring one’s beauty in a clean mirror can make all the difference!

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