When you think of what you’d discover in outer space, you might conjure a color that resembles peridot stones. Interestingly enough—these lava-born gems are not only popular on Earth, they’ve also been discovered on Mars! 

There are many cool things to note about expansive peridot. Read on to absorb seven notable facts about these fascinating stones:

  1. Peridot is a French word that means “gold,” and peridot stones are named as such because gold minerals tend to vary toward turning green in hue. It is associated with sunflowers and the sun, and is thus thought to help drive away shadowy forces.
  2. Peridot gems have been discovered on our moon, on Mars, and embedded into billion-year-old meteorites. This brings to mind their mystical, otherworldly vibes, along with their cool, neon green hues.
  3. Peridot is the official crystal of the month of August, and is so linked with both Leo and Virgo zodiac signs. The golden green hues that peridot stones flaunt are symbolically representative of the changing seasons at the transition from summer to fall, the sun setting on the season of growth and transitioning into the period of harvest. Peridot can aid in navigating practical, self worth-enhancing transitions in life.
  4. Peridot crystals only come in green. While other crystals can have varying shades, peridot is always the same hue. Their brilliant lime shades are their glory: symbolic of abundance, expansion, clarity, and prosperity. Just as a rainforest is filled with wild green expansion and power, so are peridot crystals.
  5. Peridot is known as an expansive, protective, and restorative stone. They come in especially handy when excessive energy has been placed on supporting others, self-care practices have a better chance of being restored with the help of peridot crystals. Those who tend toward people-pleasing, or chronic attraction toward narcissistic personality types will benefit from the energetic protection provided by peridot.
  6. Peridot is formed in molten rock within the upper mantle layer of its planet’s crust. It is brought to the surface by way of dramatic movement such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The only other gemstones known to form in this way are diamonds.
  7. Peridot aids in stimulating fresh, new energy to flow, so acting as a powerful aid when healing from depression or fatigue. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, or stuck, slip a peridot stone around your neck, finger, ankle or wrist, and you may see an uptick in your energy levels.

Image via The Jewelry Chain on Etsy.

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