The Enneagram is a set of numbered personality types that form a mystical system that’s now commonly used to build relationships and workplace harmony. To explore these types in a visual way that centers self-love, we’ve focused on the art of adornment. 

If you’re new to the Enneagram and would like to know your number, this free test will get you started. Otherwise, browse the baubles below to learn more about each type via ogle-worthy shiny things. (Pick up a cute piece while you’re at it, would ya?)

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Ones remember their childhood like no other Enneagram type. This Neverending Story-inspired piece by Moon Raven Designs lets “reformers” charge heroically forth to stop injustice. 

Twos will take pride in donning a distinctly alluring pair of earrings by Rachel Latherly. This pair features a dramatic feminine design that cleverly distracts from “helpers’” tendency toward needing to feel needed, instead expressing their incredible compassion and beautiful tender hearts.

Threes will toss on these confident wooden hoops by Baleen before meetings, Insta-shoots, and brunches with influencers. “Achievers” are inclined toward success, making these lightweight, modern earrings a natural fit for their focused lifestyle.

Fours will delight in expressing their ever-evolving tastes and interests via Delphine Jewelry’s fresh and charming baubles. Not only do these pieces attract attention to “romantics” while they’re journaling moodily in coffee shops, or picturesquely browsing vintage racks—they also look full of intention and mystery, which is exactly how fours love to be viewed.

Fives will find themselves drawn to unlock the secrets hidden within this powerful statement ring by Bless the Theory. “Investigators” will gaze at its smoky quartz and two-tone metal design between hours-long bouts of exploratory research.

Give a Six (your “loyalist” friend) this ankle bracelet by Mejuri as a token of undying affection and they might never remove it. Luckily, it’s discreet, chic, and goes with every team-logo’d garment they own. 

Sevens — otherwise known as “enthusiasts” — will see no reason to blush at the sight of these anatomically correct rings by Ohme Shop. The more boobs and vulvas the merrier, say they. 

Eights require jewelry that allows them to express their natural command and prowess right when they step into the room. Twyla Dill’s colorful crocheted pieces will help any “challenger” type to take over/save the world with eye-catching flair.

Nines will need to purchase this entire stack of ruby rings by Valerie Madison, reserving them to offer to besties in times of need. The “peacemakers” of the enneagram system will love knowing that rubies help to empower their wearers to heal themselves when nines can’t be present.  

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