June is the time of our annual Strawberry Full Moon, named by Algonquin tribes for the pretty berries that comes into season at this time of year in North America. This moon lands in gregarious Sagittarius at 25 degrees early on Monday, June 17th. It will float into industrious Capricorn by late morning, flowing appropriately with the duality theme that accompanies this clever Gemini sun season.

This feisty moon will help us to build collective confidence in our ability to perform—thrive, even!—amidst mounting stress and pressure. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter so this moon carries a ton of power. Lucky Sag vibes bring serendipitous opportunity, and enterprising Capricorn energy will sweep in to make good use of what’s been conjured.

This moon brings with beautiful angles between Neptune in Pisces (a spiritually aligned position), Jupiter in Sagittarius (a luck-compounding position), and both Mars and Mercury in Cancer. These angles suggest massive expansion in the area of personal integrity, and there is an air of cosmic alignment. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, however, are in direct opposition to Mars and Mercury. This may translate into feelings of homesickness or simply the desire to nest when you should probably plan to go out and mingle with possibility.

When you find yourself feeling spread thin, remember: the dark moon is just around the corner. That time of the lunar month will be ideal for retreat and recouping what was sacrificed for the sake of engagement during this success-driving Strawberry Full Moon. Take the following tips and tuck them in your hat to thrive during this highly energetic phase:

  • Calender it! Don’t put too much on your schedule, and when you do, make sure the invite makes it to your actual schedule. While you’re at it, don’t put too much on your plate during this full moon time, leaving a little room for spontaneity.
  • Work it! Get into the flow in honor of this full moon. This could take the form of a workout, a dance class, a turn on the red carpet, a deep dive into a passion project, or anything else you can lose yourself in. If possible and safe, do it in public, where you can be seen and heard.
  • Manifest it! Build a pretty altar to house your dreams. Light candles and burn incense around it, talking to money-savvy ancestors all the while. Line a box with spare coins and place any paper bills inside to manifest payment if things are tight. You might be surprised at what gifts this moon can bring, especially with the help of a little spellwork.
  • Eat Strawberries! It never hurts to get your antioxidants by feasting on seasonal fruit. Waste-saving tip: keep strawberry trimmings and add them to bottles of water or liquor to flavor hydration and libation cocktails.

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