Moonstones are June’s crystal, harkening to the arrival of Cancer near the end of the month. Cancers are ruled by the moon and therefore moonstones as well. These mystical minerals show off a fascinating display of hues that reflect pastel rainbows from within a distinctly milky sheen. Commonly worn as jewelry or tucked under one’s pillow, this clever gem deserves a place in your world. The following are some interesting and intriguing energetic benefits known to ethereal, elegant moonstone:

  • Moonstone protects and empowers feminine energy, which is helpful during stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and also in relationships where there is a masculine-dominant power imbalance.
  • With its gentle mistiness and calming energy, moonstone invites subtle receptivity and cautious opening. This time-release quality encourages a slow and steady buildup of faith and trust in one’s own intuition.
  • Because of its connection to the moon and feminine energy, Moonstone brings a strong connection to creative currents. Use moonstone to tap into creative inklings. Paint by moonlight, dance to bring rain, etc.
  • Moonstone can soothe feelings of anxiety, and it can also aid digestive efforts. Whether taking in challenging news or changing up your diet, a smooth moonstone in your pocket will help to tame gut ails.
  • If you require even deeper channeling, moonstone is a wonderful sleep companion. Slip a smooth, small moonstone under your pillow to encourage lucid or otherwise creative dreaming.
  • Moonstones inspire inner journeying. It will guide you inward while traveling or studying an artistic craft, lighting the story of your spirit. Wear or be near moonstone while playing music, making love, or listening to your elders speak.
  • Speaking of talismans, take a moonstone or ten with you while you bathe. Perch a piece on your third eye and sink into the bubbles for a submerged meditation sesh. The stone’s soothing vibes will send you peacefully to the moon and back.
  • Lit with the energy of a lunar glow, moonstones enhance psychic awareness, particularly by way of the emotions. Moved by a work of art or inspiring act to the point of tears? Check to see if you’re wearing, carrying, or in the midst of moonstone.

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