With the US General Election now visible on the horizon, many Americans are buzzing with anticipation and can use a little balance in the self care department. 

No matter how important voting season is, being in this heightened state for too long can cause stress that adversely affects your health and skin. Practicing self care can be challenging to prioritize when you’re counting down the days, but it’s important to do so anyway.

Cater your care to fit realistic expectations, and when it comes to self care to-dos, start with the low-hanging fruit. 

Reassess how you discuss the election.

When engaged in conversation about the election, focus on the candidates you’re rooting for and avoid discussing the failings of opponents. If thoughts and discussions are centered around evolving as a society toward a better future, you’ll feel your energy flow more fluidly, helping to cut down on election season stress. 

Boundary the time you spend talking about, reading about, or even thinking about the election. It can be addicting to frequently discuss something so important, but this habit doesn’t allow your brain to rest properly. Pause and set conversation aside when you’ve reached your limit. If the topic is raised in conversation outside of your capacity to talk about the election, gently change the subject. 

Calm Bath Salts

Take extra long baths.

Body Care and spa time are two simple self care efforts. If you’re blessed with a bathtub, spend a lot of time in it this Libra new moon and throughout election season. 

To ease your mind and body into a state of relaxation, sprinkle bathwater with a Sea Salt blend to soothe muscles and help to release tension. Relax more easily with our Calm Bath Salts made with Himalayan Sea Salts and let go of stress with our Detox Bath Salts made with Pacific Ocean Sea Salts.

Using a body scrub stimulates your lymph nodes and boosts your immune system, which can become overtaxed under chronic stress. Try any of our Body Polishes, including our Coconut Milk Body Polish, a star product in our complete Coconut Bath + Body family

This collection also includes our Coconut Milk Bath Soak and our Coconut Body Oil. Coconut ingredients help nourish, hydrate, and care for your skin. Body care brings instant gratification and a much-needed boost of encouragement that will inspire you to stay on top of your self care. 

Utilize the domino effect of staying hydrated.

This election isn’t worth dull skin. Chronic stress dehydrates the complexion, leading to dullness and accelerated signs of aging among other concerns that only water can address.

Staying hydrated has a cascade effect on most other essential forms of self care, like taking care of your skin and getting enough sleep. A glass of water before bed lowers your blood pressure, encouraging your body to relax and sleep more soundly. Hydrated skin is easier to care for. Better yet, a hydrated brain has an easier time functioning under stress, making you less irritable or reactionary and instead, more glowing and calm.

Drink full glasses anytime you’re feeling the weight of the world. Make water fun to drink with a squeeze of lemon, a splash of OJ, a crystal water bottle, etc.

De-Puff + Glow Mini Jade Roller Trio

Give yourself a facial massage

Using a facial roller not only stimulates lymphatic drainage and cellular turnover, it also reduces stress, according to testimonials from our customers

A mini version of our Jade Facial Roller is included in our 2020 holiday-exclusive De-Puff + Glow Mini Jade Roller Trio, along with two of our favorite facial oils. Pair the roller with either or both oils to allow the roller to glide smoothly over the skin. Phoenix Facial Oil revives dull skin that is dehydrated from election season stress, and Lapis Facial Oil helps to clear and balance the skin with soothing Blue Tansy. 

Roll anytime, anywhere, to instantly reduce stress and brighten your glow. Many of us here at Herbivore like to use our facial rollers while we’re parked on the couch, catching up on our Netflix watchlists. 

Do less. 

Above all, taking care of your health begins with being gentle to yourself. Keeping busy can be a welcome distraction during tense times, but it can also become additive stress. Limit yourself to only what you can and must do, and even then, perhaps those things can wait (at least until after the election). 


Calm Bath Salts

Detox Bath Salts

Coconut Milk Body Polish

Coconut Milk Bath Soak 

Coconut Body Oil

De-Puff + Glow Mini Jade Roller Trio

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