July is highlighted by a full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th that will close heavy doors. New relationships will be tested this month while seasoned relationships face important milestones. This is a “now or never” month for partnerships, but don’t sign anything or say any “I dos” until after July 17th, when Mercury has gone direct after a few weeks in retrograde. 

The new moon in Cancer on July 20th will again bring relationship tension to the surface, but soothing Neptune, creative Venus, and charming Mercury will be going to bat for all of us.

Venus has resumed course after a retrograde period last month, so July is a fine time to finally update your look and self-care stash. Invest now and thank yourself later.

Uranus is well-angled to the sun during the first half of the month and Mercury at the last half. This suggests positive outcomes from the recent momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. Use the rest of Mercury retrograde to make sure you are a registered voter and have a plan as to where to vote (and a backup polling place in case it shuts down).


Happy birthday! You’ve recently entered a phase in which your purpose is outweighing your paycheck. This energy can cause tectonic shifts in your career, so aim ethically high and start sustainably low. Slow and steady wins the race over the next few months. The lunar eclipse on the 5th of July may bring to light the direction you are heading if you weren’t sure. The second new moon in Cancer of 2020 on July 20th will bring relief after many years of universe-mandated relationship school. Use your birthday as an opportunity to collect donations for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

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A career win greets you early in the month, possibly in the form of a lighter workload. The universe has been working for months to restore and maintain your health, and you’ve needed more rest and self-care. July is your annual period of spiritual retreat as the sun glides through your omniscient twelfth house. After Mercury goes direct on the 12th, consider how you might revamp your notoriety or platform to regularly speak out for the Black Lives Matter movement. Leos are grand and attract attention, so one of the best ways you can contribute is by leading by example. The July 20th new moon in Cancer would be a great day to call off and start your birthday season early.

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Cancer season is your monthly check-in with your community. Virgo is an incredible organizer. This month, consider how you can offer your action- and detail-oriented skills to a local organization or public figure you want to support. Creative urges on the full moon eclipse in Capricorn bring visions you’ll be able to use in the near future. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will go direct on the 12th of July, so you’ll feel less hindered by inconveniences by the 16th. Tension between Mercury and Mars will ease at that point as well, so you’ll get a chance to rest after meeting a deadline that was looming on your horizon earlier in the month. 

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Libras are natural leaders, particularly in the area of arts: literature, poetry, art, dance, music, etc., They’re also smart money managers. With the sun in Cancer in your tenth house of career and reputation, you’re likely to see a boost in your audience numbers should you be willing to put in the work to flaunt your craft. Create a special product or offering and donate profits to an organization you believe in. The full moon on the 5th will challenge you to balance career and family affairs. You’ve been more sensitive and vulnerable to the energy of others as of late, and that has been working in your favor. 

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Your ruling planet Mars will be tinkering with your health and habits until your birthday. Take the next few months to focus on things like hygiene, exercise and organization as tedious as this may seem. Your sign can be very intense as we all know, and you’ll be especially so on the 8th of July. Be sure to meditate in the morning on that day, and also on the 27th, but remember that meditation is best practiced daily, no matter the length of time. Cancer season is your annual summer school, so dive into your ancestral lineage, Black history, or learn a new skill. This is also time to travel for you, but while things are still on pause, you’ll need to stick to travel via fantasy, dreams, and education.

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Cancer season is your annual reckoning with reality. You’ll be in the presence of powerful femme forces around the full moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th. They will remind you of your stability, and you will be blessed with a powerful creative idea. These forces will be there to soothe your spirit during the new moon in Cancer on the 20th. Your sign is very lucky, and you enjoy adventure. Let every twist and turn give you a thrill. You may consider dipping into savings or investments to support your endeavors. Wait until Mercury is well out of retrograde after the 16th of July to make major decisions or sign binding contracts.

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The sun is in your opposite sign of Cancer this month, lighting up romantic and close relationships. At the powerful July 5th lunar eclipse in your sign of Capricorn, loyalty will either be well-demonstrated or exposed as insufficient. “Opposites attract” relationships in particular will be tested. Some doors will close and others will open. This dramatic start to the month will be soothed by your superior capacity for work. Lately your vision has been financial in nature—either benevolent or personal. Your sign is a powerful leader. Consider the political realm. Although Cancer season might be a bit much for you, friendly Leo season is just around the corner at the end of the month. The end of July will feel breezier.

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Cancer season is your sign’s annual check-in with your everyday lifestyle choices. Reclaim your time and energy. As the cosmic activist of the zodiac, you already lead by example. Show your following that self-care is essential to preventing burnout. You may be visited by your chosen family this month, who will help you to ground and decompress. There’s no corner of the universe the Aquarian mind can’t access, but space is essential. After Mercury goes direct on the 12th, you’ll feel very deeply informed by and connected to your body.

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Cancer season is your time to ramp up creative expression, so break out those paintbrushes, that fitness pole, or that bass guitar…whatever you’re into, get into it! Don’t worry if you have a hard time translating your ideas at first. After Mercury goes direct on the 12th, it’ll be a lot easier to find your flow. As the psychic powerhouse of the zodiac, your talent lies in divination. Use your creativity and cosmic gifts to foresee disasters that affect the marginalized or receive messages from the collective. The full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th is bound to bring impactful visions, and you’ll gain more clarity on these visions around the 20th.

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You may be facing tension with friends or family members due to Mercury retrograde confusion, but surprise benefits to your bank account will brighten your mood enough to weather the storm. Stick to intimate conversations as opposed to group dialogues on the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th, 8th and 27th. Until the 16th of July or so, spend more time listening and less time preaching. If you have something important to say, write it out in an email and have a trusted colleague or friend look it over for errors in tone. These efforts will translate into enhanced creative freedom by Leo season at the end of the month.

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It’s typical for Taurus to spend time with sibs or old friends during Cancer season, and with your ruling planet Venus in your house of finances and security, you’ll have the most coveted of resources: time. Disconnect from work and reconnect with friends. Although your sign derives more energy from being in the physical presence of others, it appears the digital world is still meeting your needs. You may be approached by family members requesting support this month, and you’ll feel proud to be able to help, especially near the new moon in Cancer on July 20th, when you will be especially sensitive to the feelings of others.

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The sun is in your house of finances and security until Leo season, which usually means you’re saving up, cleaning up, and stocking up. This month, however, your ruling planet Mercury is still in retrograde until the 12th. Wait until the 16th to make any kind of major investment of time or money. With Uranus hovering in your 12th house of wisdom and spirituality at a good angle to the sun in your house of personal wealth, you may find yourself struck with seemingly divine inspiration to, say, buy up stocks, apply for a new job or buy a house. Careful, though, because the new moon in Cancer on July 20th may reveal things you didn’t notice with your rose colored glasses but wish you had.

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