Our virtual team of beauty experts are coming to you live on Instagram! We are hosting daily classes on skincare, self-care, Tarot and more! Stop in to follow, learn, comment and ask the questions you need answered in real time. 

Check out our schedule below:


Guide to planting at home

With Sam

5/13 at 12 PM PST

New Product Info

With Michael

5/14 at 10 AM PST

Makeup Tutorial & Skin Prep Advice

With Samantha Z.

5/15 at 12 PM PST

Co-Live with Isle of Paradise

With Michael

5/18 at 10 AM PST

All About Lapis Face Oil

With Jana

5/19 at 12 PM PST

Instagram Live Collaboration with Fred Segal

With Michael

5/20 at 12 PM PST

Blue Tansy Mask Deep Dive

With Max

5/21 at 12 PM PST

New Moon Skincare Ritual

With Chenice and Veronica

5/22 at 10 AM PST

All About Phoenix Face Oil

With Veronica

5/26 at 12 PM PST

Learn About Organizations we Partner With!

With Samantha and Jana

5/27 at 12 PM PST

Moisturizers vs. Oils

With Tiffany

5/28 at 12 PM PST

Yoga at Home

With Samantha

5/29 at 12 PM PST

Prism Serum and Prism Facial Deep Dive

With Kaitlyn

6/1 at 12 PM PST

Maximizing Skincare in Your Makeup Routine

With Chantee

6/5 at 12 PM PST


Introducing Emerald Soap

with Sam 

4/20 at 4PM PST

Tarot Card Reading

with Chenice 

4/21 at 11AM PST

(NEW PRODUCT!) Hand Hero

with Chenice

4/22 at 12PM PST

Which Products are Good for Dry Skin?

with Samantha Z.

4/23 (time TBD)

How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

with Kaitlyn 

4/24 at 12PM PST

All About Emerald Oil

with Kaitlyn 

4/27 at 12PM PST

Tarot Card Reading

with Veronica 

4/28 at 2PM PST

Which Products are Good for Combination Skin?

with Jana 

4/29 at 10AM PST

Body Product Deep Dive

with Sam 

4/30 at 12PM PST

Oracle Card Reading

Reader TBD

5/5 at TBD

Full Moon Skincare Ritual

With Veronica


All About our Peace + Harmony Set

Instructor TBD

5/8, Time TBD

Bookmark this schedule and check back for updates. See you online!

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