Green is one of the easiest colors to look at, which is why being in nature is so relaxing. The eyes focus the color green directly on the retina, so it’s less of a strain on the muscles. 

Colors are waves of light with their own unique vibrations. These vibrations have a range of effects on our bodies, minds and behaviors. Unlike hot colors red, yellow and orange, which can increase heart rate and agitation, the color green is cool, and helps to relax stress and anxiety. 

Green stimulates equilibrium and harmony with a combination of cheerful yellow light waves and ultra-calming, flowing blue light waves.

Green crystals are examples of the subtle color wavelength energy. Stones like Jade and Emerald are thought to inspire growth, wealth and luck. They are also associated with heart health and soothing. These stones are particularly powerful, perhaps due in large part to their hue. 

Decorate with green hues for a peaceful and calming environment that isn’t overly so. Green in an office environment encourages flow, collaboration and anxiety-free energy. It makes sense that musicians and stage actors hang out pre-performance in the “green room”.

Green in the home brings nurturing and family cohesion. Wearing green increases the potential for optimism and problem-solving. And as we all know, in nature, green is a sign of health, growth, and nourishment. 

Green hues feed relationship harmony, and are particularly helpful in keeping marriages and other heartfelt unions together. Wearing green on a date, for example, is likely to bring out your best. Keep green plants and artwork in areas where you spend the most time together if you are attached. 

Include lots of green vegetables in your diet for increased health and vitality, cardiovascular health in particular. Spend lots of time in green nature if you can to feed your eyes and soul. Paint or be creative with emerald colors to inspire healing from within. 

In skincare, green botanicals are true to form, known for their balancing, nourishing and youth-boosting qualities. Use a hemp seed oil or CBD blend such as our Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil for deep replenishment and visible calming effects. Sweeten the benefits of the oil and bring fresh circulation to the skin with our Jade Facial Roller for maximum glow, thanks to the power of green. 

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