The arrival of March brings the transition to spring and the peak of Pisces season. Aquamarine, named for its mermaid-inspired shade, is the honorary crystal to compliment this hopeful month, and is also linked with airy spring and peaceful Piscean energy.

Aquamarine is utilized for harmonizing purposes: Its protective power surrounds its companion while traveling (particularly over bodies of water), it bolsters courage and it casts fear by the wayside. Along with other green and aqua-hued stones, this crystal is linked to the heart and relationships. Its powers help to clarify the energy center of the throat especially, which conducts communication, both verbal and otherwise.

Think of this stone as a diamond’s little sister: she strengthens commitment and perpetuates harmony like her big sis, but more by way of clarification of needs and solutions (as opposed to amplification of emotions, as diamonds are prone to).

Speaking of aquatics and emotions: sailors have been known to carry aquamarine while at sea to protect the ship and its passengers from harm. Stash a smooth, tumbled version of this stone in your duffel while traveling, or better yet, don it in jewelry form and show it off (just be sure it’s easy to remove and secure again through security). Aquamarine flaunts a dreamy pastel teal hue, giving it a mesmerizing quality that casts a sweet orb of protective energy around its carrier and beholders.

Mesmerizing colors conjure meditative energy, and subsequent emotional resilience, which is why this stone is associated with courage. Aquamarine invites anxious energy is invited to melt away while ease of mind is drawn forth. When communication is flowing and anxiety is lessened, courage is given ample room to shine. Connect to the heart, and the cosmos, more often thanks to this peace-inducing crystal!

When the heart shines, relationships thrive! Aquamarine has long been understood as a community and partnership aid. Place a cluster of aquamarine (on its own or as part of a grid with other heart-healing crystals) under the beds or desks of those in committed relationships to strengthen their communication and build their psychic connection.

Naturally, all of these qualities come together to build the very glue that binds intimate relationships: trust. When building trust—say, post-tiff, betrayal or breakdown—aquamarine can help! Create an altar for the relationship(s) you’re gluing back together and arrange one or more of these magnificent glittering eye candies upon it. Meditate (more easily thanks to the aquamarine) in front of this altar regularly to stay focused on your commitment to building or rebuilding that trust.

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