Notable March Dates:

  • March brings a benevolent full moon in Virgo on March 9th—energy that aligns perfectly with equinox prep and US tax season. 
  • The new moon in Aries on March 24th brews big ideas. 
  • Mercury goes direct in Aquarius on March 10th before moving into Pisces on March 16th, suggesting long conversations with elders and/or higher beliefs.

March HERBIscopes for each sun sign:


Cosmic fish will find a downstream ease as the month builds towards a full moon in Virgo in your seventh house of partnerships. The stars will align long-term unions with practical thinking. Appreciate compatible relationships and be honest about what’s right for your lifestyle. 

At the new moon in Aries later in the month, Mercury goes direct in Pisces, allowing you to communicate your stability goals with power underfoot. Celebrate your birthday with your freshest glow yet courtesy of our Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial.


The month begins with a bit of a clash between career and romantic/self-care pursuits, but fear not—the coming full moon in Virgo in your sixth house of health and wellness strengthens your connection with your body to inspire small changes that benefit all aspects of your life. At the following new moon in Aries, you’ll find inspiration in something deemed taboo.

Phoenix Facial Oil calls this month, with revitalizing CoQ10 and rosehip oil for boosted vitality.


You’re feeling quite yourself this month as Venus enters Taurus, her happy place. Mercury retrograde in your eleventh house is inspiring you to research service opportunities. Early in March, a Virgo full moon is likely to bring a surprising creative or romantic connection with someone you’ve known since childhood. This month’s new moon in Aries finds you thinking about your generation and its legacy.

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Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is taking his first annual retrograde nap as March begins, so you might feel less like yourself than usual. Trust that this lethargy will pass. Instantly boost your subtle energy and natural beauty with an ultrafine misting of our Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist.

At the full moon in Virgo, watch for conflicts with family regarding bills, chores, inheritances, etc. Do your best to listen and watch for now. Later on, the Aries new moon will set the stage for a squeaky-clean spring.


Crabs may feel particularly averse to toxic masculinity as the month begins. This is a build-up to your display of can-do power in your career, finances and long-term femme friendships at the full moon in Virgo. You may receive an out-of-the-blue invitation to join friends or lovers on a spontaneous adventure—accept!

Our Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask matches your current foundation-building energy and it’s perfect for the Aries new moon, where you’ll find time to slow-cook bold ideas related to career and recognition.


Regarding that topic you’re researching: watch for cynical peers and take their advice with a grain of salt. Keep expanding your knowledge for now. In life, you’re making choices that align with your values, but because you’re thinking about the long game, it might not appear that way right now. By the full moon in Virgo, your pride will be strong and all will feel well.

Buff your bod with our Coco Rose Body Polish for the new moon in Aries, which will bring soothing gratitude and time with friends.


Now is the time to do your taxes if you haven’t already. What you’ll uncover in the process might surprise you. You may feel tension between inner and societal values at this time, but by the time the full moon in your sign arrives, you’ll be sitting pretty and finding peace—perhaps receiving an acceptance letter or two. Enjoy a lazy afternoon or primp for an evening out with our Brighten Instant Glow Mask to celebrate.

At the new moon in Aries at the end of the month, dialogue at work may run spicy, but the planetary weather is otherwise peaceful. 


Early March is the time to lay cards on the table. Housemates and relationship partners might need heart-to-hearts, but don’t expect roses and sunshine. Retreat post-awkwardness with our Lapis Facial Oil to encourage your signature glow and sense of balance.

By the Virgo full moon, things will clear up. In fact, it’ll be party time! Your home might become a social hub all of a sudden. Taxes, especially joint, will go smoothly. Later in March, you may consider cohabitating in a modern way, such as tiny house living or buying a home with friends or siblings.


You’ll have faith at the beginning of March, as Mars encourages you to find a flow state of learning. At the full moon in Virgo, you may feel particularly emotional, especially if you have a close friend or therapist to confide in regarding past partnership issues. By the time the new moon in Aries arrives, this emotion will have transformed into earth-shaking passion.

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Finances have been looking up, and this trend will continue. You may feel controlled by a colleague or two at the start of March. This is a reflection of your relationship(s) with your original guardian(s). As long as you’re aware of the root causes of your feelings, you’re in control. Reconnect with matriarchs and/or be creative to process. 

At the new moon in Aries, a self-care fail may bring these emotions back to the surface, but in a less combative way. Use Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum to inspire your daily routine.


Relationships with family and friends will be grand in March, and from the start of the month your relationship with yourself will be, too. A maternal figure may be nagging in the background, but she seems to be having a subtly positive effect due to her consistency. A deep creative wound is healing now, and because the rest of your life is feeling more or less aligned, you’ll feel these growing pains more acutely.

Our Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum pairs beautifully with inner healing thanks to ingredients like blueberry stem cells and calming amethyst extract. 


Long-term friendships may see drama at the start of March, but you’ll have the opportunity to take nourishing time apart around the full moon in Virgo. Around the new moon in Aries, what seems too overwhelming is ultimately in line with your greater purpose, so feel your feelings and keep flowing. For those seeking to avoid vulnerability of any sort, know that this month’s rivers are leading to oceans of love. Don’t miss out! 

Tap into the dream world for support. Apply Moonfruit Superfruit Night Treatment to dial up the dewy nourishment by morning. 

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