Citrine’s hues reveal its essence: bright, energetic, uplifting and positive. White, gold, yellow, and flashing orange hues encourage meditative vibes, creativity, empowerment, and self-control. 

As a “happy” stone, Citrine is ideal for keeping in your pocket or on your person. If you manage depression or anxiety, citrine will cleanse your body of negativity. It’s one of the few crystals that don’t require any energetic cleansing (they are considered to be self-cleansing)—it also cleanses other crystals in its midst. 

Citrine beams multi-applicable healing properties that benefit the following areas of life:

  • Self esteem: The solar plexus helps to regulate mood by encouraging forward motion. Citrine strengthens this energy center, which improves one’s sense of self. Having a stronger sense of values makes prioritizing what’s important that much easier.
  • Will power: Citrine connects to the solar plexus energy center in the body, which is the area around the navel. The solar plexus drives us to accomplish tasks and make dynamic moves in the world. It also enhances creativity, which alone automatically tempts the being to act out of inspiration, not obligation.
  • Appetite: Citrine is considered useful in combating disordered eating and digestive unease.
  • Manifestation: Citrine has been called the “merchant’s stone” in reference to its association with the cultivation of riches. Whether you’re looking to purchase your dream house or just pay the phone bill, glittering citrine assists in manifesting money, especially when the attraction of said funds would send ripples of positivity in the universe. Because Citrine helps to promote healthy self-control, it’s easier to save and manage money with this stone in your corner.

Incorporate citrine inspiration into your body care routine with our Citrine Body Oil, which was named after the stone due to its golden neroli and rose-hip oil hues. Embellish your home (especially your office or money altar) with a Citrine Crystal Cluster, and watch the blessings roll in!

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