Linked with the month of October, opal is linked to the Libra and Scorpio in the zodiac, carrying a magic that preserves beauty and healthy relationships. Libra represents balance, leading intimate relationships to see a boost in the presence of opal energy. Scorpio is a sign that exudes grand sensuality, and thus, opal can be highly alluring in relationships where this zodiac sign is prominent.

As the original mood ring, opal is said to possess a twirling fire within that mesmerizes and changes color depending on the wearer’s disposition. Pure opal is colorless, but the cracks and formations within the stone are what give it its flashing, luminescent appearance. It is a stone that celebrates imperfections as precious, so it’s healing for those who manage perfectionism or self-love struggles. 

Black opal is thought wards addictive or negative thoughts, and is also said to protect against bad dreams. Slip a small, smooth black opal under your pillow, or perch one on your bedside, during times of stress. 

Formed mostly from the silica that remains after rain falls, opal is made of water, and is recommended for water signs or those who employ water in their professional or creative pursuits. Because of this connected to water, this gemstone is thought to enhance productive flow and the healthy release of emotions. 

Opal’s flame connects it to the fire element. Use this stone to let go of the past, or when working in therapy toward mental health goals. As a stimulating stone, it is ideal for those who manage symptoms of depression or other lethargy-inducing conditions. Wear opal to encourage your body’s healthy sense of thirst, which wanes as we age. Opal jewelry worn in tandem with a skincare regimen that includes Prism 12% Exfoliating Glow Serum will keep your skin and spirit dewy and glowing. Both Prism and opal encourage rebirth, energy, and youthfulness.

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