Skincare and dreaming go hand-in-hand, with our nightly rituals leading us seamlessly into the night. Our bodies enter a regenerative state while we snooze, hence our feeling more beautiful upon waking. 

The skin flushes at night, which regulates body temperature and delivers nutrients to the complexion. Our cells divide at the fastest rate at this time, efficiently repairing the integrity of our skin and body while we dream. We excrete extra growth hormones during the early stages of the sleep cycle, which stimulates collagen production and rebuilds tissue. We awaken refreshed on a cellular level. 

Prep your bedroom with blackout curtains, powering off all lights and electronics, aside from those needed for your bedroom routine. Power off your wifi, as the waves from wireless signals can be unnecessarily stimulating. After getting into your pajamas and completing your skincare ritual, it can be lovely to take a magnesium supplement or a cup of chamomile tea to relax, then glide into a yin stretching routine before slipping into bed. 

For your nightly skincare ritual, begin with cleansing. For a clean that goes deep, use our Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar. With antifungal, antibacterial tea tree oil, and impurity-drawing bamboo charcoal, this face and body bar is ideal for tackling skin exposed to stress and environmental and/or product residue.

Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum is a wonderful night product because it will enhance the work your body is already handling. A few drops is all you need to wake with a radiant, head-turning glow. This serum is a boosted version of our original formula, now with 12% AHAs plus 3% BHAs derived from completely natural botanicals. These aspects exfoliate by dissolving impurities and toning the texture of the skin, so you can start with a fresh, smooth complexion each morning. 

Craft your very own skincare potions for nightly ritual use. Depending on your skin concern(s), you might choose to blend Prism with one or more facial oils, such as Lapis if your skin is irritation or acne-prone, or Emerald if your skin needs deep, balancing, all-day moisture. 

Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum is our natural alternative to traditional retinol skincare, which can dry and irritate the skin and increase your skin’s sensitivity to light exposure among other risks. 

Derived from the babchi plant, the bakuchiol ingredient acts identical to a retinol by increasing cellular turnover and diminishing discoloration. Tremella mushroom and other botanicals invite a plumping effect, and increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a youthful, hydrated look. 

This serum is fine for day as well as night, and blends wonderfully with Prism, any of our facial oils, and either of our moisture creams, including:
Moonfruit Superfruit Night Treatment. Moonfruit is a deep moisture creme that revives parched, dull skin. Due to the weight of its texture, this treatment is wonderful for use at night or for deeper moisture over the weekend. Fruit acids from prickly pear, raspberry seed, and goji berries help to brighten and dissolve dullness while shea and kokum butters deliver exotic moisture.

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