Sapphire gemstones are associated with the month of September and the signs of Virgo and Libra. Due to its indigo blue hue, mystical sapphire is linked with the third eye chakra. This energy center is our point of intelligence, foresight, clarity, and meditative focus. Therefore, sapphires are keen for improving the functioning of this area. 

Sapphire absorbs distraction.

Virgo energy is pure and born of the earth. Sapphire is useful in the midst of strong Virgo vibes due to its ability to keep Virgo from getting attached to perfectionistic tendencies, which can erode productivity and health. Sapphire helps to bring linear, logical thoughts that flow smoothly from one to the next, so that Virgo can be effective and not overly attentive. 

Sapphire reveals truth. 

Libra energy is balance, beauty, and mediation, and like Virgo, Libra is apt to distraction. Unlike Virgo, however, Libra is more often taken by beautiful things than fastidiousness. Sapphire offers Libra the power of decisiveness while regulating any erratic air energy, letting the truth shine its light. (It is also useful to Aquarius in this way.) Because Libra is judicious, sapphire can bring vigor and luck to those seeking justice, or to clear their name of slander. 

Sapphire brings insight to emotion. 

Brilliant sapphire increases emotional regulation, especially under pressure, making this precious gemstone ideal for sensitive therapists, energy healers, emergency professionals, and other empaths. It’s also useful to those working with anger more consciously and constructively. Sapphire helps by offering the vibration of leadership to those grappling with it. 

Sapphire deepens bonds. 

As an accent or centerpiece of an engagement ring or commitment band, Sapphire is a very appropriate stone, for it is said to strengthen commitment and mutual adoration. The sea blue gem does so by keeping the focus and clarity in relationships strong. 

Sapphire empowers. 

Oceanic blue Sapphire has the power to diminish fear and confusion, aiding greatly in strengthening the health of those committed partnerships. Those more prone toward tending to the needs of others, single or not, should adorn themselves with sapphire to help balance power in relationships. If not gemstone jewelry, sapphire-hued clothing, decor, and other creative accoutrements will bring similar benefits.

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