Get into the spirit of the season by building an altar in honor of this fruitful and salubrious time of year! The following ideas are designed to inspire you to think outside the box:

Tiny Altars

An altar doesn’t need to be grand or extravagant to contain powerful energy. 

A candle infused with a powerful intention and placed intentionally in a specific corner of your home can be an altar. A little arrangement of stones or crystals can serve similarly. 

In fact, try finding the tiniest spot you could possibly imagine as an altar space and set one up there! Arrange little things like pebbles, toys, found feathers, a lock of hair, etc. in this wee space to create an itty-bitty mystical spot that’s sure to delight and inspire. There is something eternally child-like about the act of building tiny altars—let your youthful side flourish via this activity!

Memory Altars 

Pay homage to the memory of a special event by erecting a beautiful collage altar. This could take form a table or floor surface. It could also hang on your wall in the form of photos, frames, a cork board pinned with travel tickets, sheet music, maps, etc. 

This altar is a living time capsule that keeps something in the past alive by refreshing your memory with its artful arrangement and visible presence. It should “spark joy,” so be sure to keep this space as positive as possible. Tidy it often to keep dust from collecting. If it pleases you, tell guests the stories behind your altar to spread and enhance its magic.

For those inclined to weep, keep a small, corked bottle on your altar for collecting any tears you’re moved to cry as you gaze upon this altar.

Outdoor Altars

Summertime is the most conducive to altars built outdoors in the backyard, on the beach, at the campsite, tucked under a tree at the park, etc. Stick to plants and biodegradable ruffage for this altar such as nuts, seeds, twigs and fresh summer flowers that won’t harm if carried away by wind or wildlife. 

Arrange fallen petals in a pattern, inviting the sun to join you. Build a bonfire altar for devouring your fears, letting the burning-down-to-ashes process be a part of the magical ritual. 

Building an outdoor altar in a circle invites communion and dance. Join hands or twirl freely around your circular homage to live summer to its absolute fullest. Finish your dance with a wedge of melon and a kiss, a book and a piece of chocolate, or a skip and a dip in the sea.

If all is safe and well, leave your altar for the elements to consume, or collect the bits and pieces responsibly, adding them to your memory altar if you feel so inspired.

Happy summer altar building!

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