Inspired by our hemp oil-based Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil and Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil, we’ve expanded our Wellness Shop to celebrate the growing cultural awareness of cannabis benefits, while supporting local artisans and female-owned businesses in the cannabis industry. Enjoy in your downtime with a selection of our favorite cannabis lifestyle accessories. 

Concrete Cat Incense + Ash Tray | Concrete Cat Smoke Vessel

Should you choose to indulge at home, prep with this dreamy Incense + Ashtray by Concrete Cat. We adore these modern concrete pieces, made by hand with cannabis users in mind. Light a stick of your favorite incense and relax with an Indica-dominant strain for a lazy evening in. Keep it on display in your home or studio to balance feng shui and remind you to pause and take time for yourself. Four corner slots encourage group enjoyment, should the party expand.

Concrete Cat additionally offers mystical vessels that feel lovely in the hand due to their luxurious weight and modern aesthetic. Marble-like patterns formed from melted concrete come together to offer psychedelic designs to inspire your senses during ritual tokes. Afterwards, perch this pipe next to your incense and ash tray to elevate your decor and invite future sessions.

The Pursuits of Happiness Del Mar Vessel 

For ocean-loving beauties, this pearlescent stoneware vessel by the Pursuit of Happiness lets water signs and other mystical mer-types feel right at home when it’s time to relax. This handmade piece features a semi-matte finish to resemble the found shell it was cast from. Steal a pull or two from its glazed bowl while lazily admiring its dreamy, seafaring shape. 

Summerland Crystal Voyager Vessel

Witchy queens will spring for this masterfully crafted Crystal Voyager vessel by Summerland. Smooth edges and sacred geometry form a shape your lips and eyes will appreciate. Made of sleek glazed ceramic, this simple-yet-striking pipe is meant to elevate your day while adding elegance to your rituals.

Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating and Enjoying Marijuana

Knowledge is power and DIY babes will find the info they seek in Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating and Enjoying Marijuana. There’s a special joy that comes from doing something yourself, and there’s added magic in managing your own mystical cannabis plants. As entertaining as it is informative, this illustration-packed hardcover is a pleasure to read whether you’re a growing user or curious enthusiast. 

Cats and Plants by Stephen Eichhorn

Perhaps you don’t partake, and if that’s the case, may we interest you in this dazzling coffee table tome, Cats & Plants by Steven Eichhorn? Even if you do indulge, this collage art picture book is still for you, featuring funny feline friends paired with botanicals and greenery galore. For a pick-me-up that doesn’t inhibit one bit, flip through this clever classic to turn a smile into a wide grin!

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed 

There’s certainly more than one way to enjoy cannabis, and we’d be remiss to discount food as a means for delivery. Don your apron and plug in the mixer—Bong Appétit by the editors at Munchies will help you take your favorite strains and turn them into tasty treats to share and enjoy. Sweets, savory dishes and cocktail recipes are all included in this mouthwatering cookbook that’s sure to get an earmark or ten. 

Boy Smells Kush Candle | Goldleaf Cannabis Taster Journal 

Much like coffee or wine, cannabis can be palatially explored and developed. No matter the vessel you choose, any budding (no pun intended!) connoisseur of cannabis will need a tasting journal and ambience. Light this amber and cannabis flower-infused Kush candle by Boy Smells to set the scene, then jot your notes in this handy Cannabis Taster journal by Goldleaf. Pull it out as a reference whenever you’re searching for the name of that oh-so-tasty strain.

Green Ikebana Print

As beautiful as it is enjoyable, cannabis plants make delightful art subjects, as demonstrated in the Green Ikebana Print by Goldleaf. This limited-edition print puts dreamy botanicals and soft colors on display to soothe and inspire your senses. Hemp leaves are getting a cultural makeover, and this piece is a glorious demonstration of affinity and acceptance that you’ll be proud to show off to guests.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Stone Vessel

On-the-go herbal needs are met by the perfectly pocket-sized stone vessel by PTC. Glazed touches at the mouthpiece and bowl ensure comfy use and easy cleanup. Palm-sized and simply adorable, you’ll want to tote these quaint stone tools whether you’re puffing or not!

Tetra Pink Balance Vessel

Modern princesses will appreciate the meticulous design of this pretty pink vessel by Tetra. Lightweight glass and a sheer hue make it the perfect addition to your vanity tray, blending beautifully with your perfumes and oils. Pair it with your favorite strain and facial oil combo to improve your outlook as you get your glow on. 

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