Exfoliation is an essential step toward achieving smooth, evenly hydrated skin. Our Amethyst Body Polish features a sugar base blended with super-hydrating virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and actual crushed Amethyst crystals, which leave your skin renewed and your spirit soothed.

Amethyst stones are usually carried, worn as jewelry, or placed strategically in the home in order to invite their healing energies. They emit peaceful vibrations and harmonize the energy around them.

With Amethyst Body Polish, these glittering members of the quartz family can now become a healing component of your bathing ritual, bringing harmonizing benefits to increase your inner and outer beauty.

The dreamy aroma of luxurious Jasmine Sambac oil lends a deeper sensuality to the experience of bathing with Amethyst Body Polish. This oil is also thought to shield your skin from environmental stress.

Stress plays a major role in developing signs of aging, and Amethyst crystals are well known for their stress-releasing energy. They are also thought to aid the body in detoxification and cell regeneration. Bathing with Amethyst is an experience that does more than relax stress, soothe nerves and feed your spirit. It also helps to preserve and restore your skin’s youth.

Long heralded as the Crystal Queen of Calmness, this violet-hued crystal is associated with the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of your head. Alignment of this chakra is associated with a number of benefits including better sleep, lessened addiction and increased emotional balance.

For energetic alignment, renewed skin, better relaxation and naturally preserved youth, infuse your beauty routine with Amethyst crystals for the most luxurious exfoliating experience nature has to offer. Whether you’re beginning or ending your day with this polish, you’ll emerge from your bathing ritual experiencing a more centered state of being and divinely radiant skin.

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