As a brand that started on Etsy and bustling city farmers markets, Herbivore has long been a part of a vast but intimate network of makers, artisans, and other small businesses that have helped us to stay well along the way. It is with pride and love that we partner with some of these brands in our Lifestyle Shop. To kick off 2021, we are focusing on partnerships with Black-owned brands and using our platforms to shine light on Black entrepreneurs and their craft. 

  • Golde is a brand born in Brooklyn in a one bedroom apartment. Their line of wellness latte powders pair deliciously with a good read. 
  • Rose + Co Candles are hand-poured by eighth grader and founder Rose, with a little help from her dad. 
  • Mischo Beauty is all about empowerment and confidence with the help of killer nails and shelfie-chic packaging. 
  • Unsun Cosmetics was created by a woman who is not alone in her frustration with the lack of quality SPF options available to women of color.
  • 54Thrones was founded by Christina Funke Tegbe, who travels from Austin to Africa to source ingredients for her luxe African skincare and beauty line. 

Stay tuned for founder stories on the blog in 2021, beginning with this interview with Christina. Add goodies from all five brands to your cart to get the new year kicked off to a well start.


54 Thrones’ Beauty Butters are luxuriously creamy, and silky smooth with natural aromas that are nothing short of divine. As a brand inspired by the majesty of Africa’s 54 countries, we’d expect nothing less. 

Founder Christina Funke Tegbe regularly travels to the continent to intimately understand the cultural significance and processing methods behind each of her incredibly fresh, delectable ingredients. Her formulas are packed with rich nourishment and the good vibes only handcrafted products can deliver. 

Check out this interview with Christina Funke Tegbe, the first in our series of featured entrepreneurs. 


Mischo Beauty

Kitiya Mischo King envisioned and created Mischo Beauty while pregnant with her son, having tried unsuccessfully to find a quality polish she felt comfortable using. 

Her high-performing nail lacquers are free from ten problematic ingredients and come in rich hues with names like ‘Front Row’ and ‘Undaunted’ to help boost your confidence. These decadent formulas are vegan and cruelty-free and packaged gorgeously  to make your shelfie shine.


Rose + Co Candlemakers

Rose + Co Candlemakers is owned and operated by Rose. As an eighth grader at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair, NJ, she has been running a successful business for five years and growing. 

Rose’s dad suffered allergic reactions when typical paraffin candles were lit, so Rose decided to pour her own using paraffin-free, eco-friendly ingredients. Supplement your self-care practice with her dreamy scents that come with sassy names like “Shady” and “100% That Girl” to spice up your rituals.



Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her partner Issey co-launched Golde with their Turmeric Latte Blends in 2017 and have since delivered delicious wellness to thousands of devoted customers.

The goal at Golde is to make wellness a seamless part of one’s day. Your body will thank you for these utterly delicious superfood lattes that are easy to blend with hot and cold drinks, smoothies, and milks. We especially love their Turmeric Cacao and Turmeric Matcha Blends, which are perfect for WHF breaks. 


Unsun Mineral Tintedtunscreen


Katonya Breaux created Unsun Mineral Tinted Sunscreen ‘because the sun does not discriminate!’ This mineral sunscreen is formulated to match a range of skin tones from olive to dark chocolate without leaving a chalky residue. 

Unsun helps to minimize the look of pores while moisturizing the skin, all in addition to delivering reliable sun protection you can count on year-round. These smooth-blending formulas wear well on their own or as primers for makeup. We especially adore them for their natural extracts that are amazingly clean, non-animal tested, and reef-safe.

Check out our interview with Katonya here!