Let’s be real. We all have brain fog this holiday season, and a lot of us are already overwhelmed at the thought of gift giving. Here’s a fun and easy quiz that’s designed to do the selecting for you. 

Answer the following questions with a single giftee in mind:

  1. Your giftee is most likely known to you as your:
    1. Venting sesh buddy
    2. Party buddy
    3. Work buddy
    4. Bed buddy
  1. Your giftee can often be seen in:
    1. Cool tones
    2. Warm tones
    3. Monochrome tones
    4. Earth Tones
  1. Your giftee often complains about:
    1. Internal stress
    2. External stress
    3. Unsure
    4. Hardly anything
  1. You’ve known this giftee since:
    1. Some years back
    2. Birth
    3. Recently
    4. That fateful night
  1. You’d like your giftee to feel x upon opening:
    1. Touched and grateful
    2. Excited and inspired 
    3. Impressed and surprised 
    4. Intrigued and delighted
  1. Your giftee’s claim to fame:
    1. Intuitive knowing
    2. Big presence
    3. Chic style
    4. Sex appeal
  1. You’ll give this giftee their gift:
    1. Over to-go coffees
    2. At your “quaranteam” get together 
    3. At an online holiday event 
    4. In your pajamas 
  1. Your giftee sometimes appears to have:
    1. Oily or blemish-prone skin
    2. Chapped or irritated skin
    3. Unsure
    4. Utterly beautiful skin
  1. Your giftee will likely enjoy the bulk of the holidays:
    1. At home with the fur babies
    2. At an Airbnb with the quaranteam
    3. Off from work 
    4. By your side 


Cloud Nine Kit

Mostly 1: Cloud Nine Kit, Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum, Lapis Ritual Kit

This person is a force of love and positivity in your life. You have tons of heart-to-hearts with this giftee, and you’d like to give them something that celebrates their beauty and shows them how much you cherish them. 

  • For those at the top of your list, choose the Cloud Nine Kit, our five-piece bestseller collection that’s a slice of skincare heaven fit for the queen (or queens) in your life. 
  • You and this person go deep, and understand the stress each of you are feeling. Our Lapis Ritual Kit offers a nod to your supportive relationship and includes the skincare tools they need to chill. 
De-Puff + Glow Kit

Mostly 2: De-Puff + Glow Kit, Emerald CBD Glow Oil, CBD Cleansing Soap Bar

This figure in your life is already sporting a holiday glow about them because that’s their nature. They’re a passionate person, which certainly amplifies their radiance, but running on high energy is probably stressing out their skin, which can sap hydration and nutrients. Give them richly nourishing skincare that will bring out their light and strengthen their moisture barrier. 

  • Our De-Puff + Glow Kit serves stressed people with combination skin well with two different facial oils and a Jade Roller to encourage tense nerves to relax and fresh circulation to brighten the face. 
Jewel Box

Mostly 3: Jewel Box, Coconut Milk Body Polish, Rose Quartz Gua Sha

You may not know this giftee that well, but you know them well enough to know they’d appreciate a good serum. You need a gift that will bring them great skin and the two of you an opportunity to get to know each other over your love of clean beauty. Don’t know their skin type now? You will after giving them this gift. 

  • Our Jewel Box is a diverse little collection of Herbivore minis that your giftee can mix and match to their glow’s desire. Take notes for next year when the two of you are better acquainted. 
  • Nothing is so universally loved as a body scrub. Our Coconut Milk Body Polish is a go-to gift that’ll make anyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin this holiday. 
  • A small yet powerful gift is our Rose Quartz Gua Sha, which serves as both a glow-booster and conversational icebreaker. 
Exfoliate + Glow Self Love Trio

Mostly 4: Exfoliate + Glow Kit, Beard or Orchid Oil, Coco Rose Body Polish

This is someone you are intimately familiar with. Celebrate the skin they’re in (that you love so much) with a gift that’ll bring on more softness, more luxuriousness, and more glow on top of glow. 

  • Pamper their skin from head to toe with our renewing Exfoliate + Glow Self Love Trio, which will bring out their most baby-soft, radiantly glowing body and complexion. 

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